Limited time discount!

Limited time discount!
Pay only 40,000~50,000 yen per month, utilities and contract fee included!

*Limited-time discount available only at certain rooms at Gran Tachikawa and Garden Terrace Takanodai.
*Contracts cannot be extended after they end (required to move out by January 15th 2018 at Gran Tachikawa, or January 31st at Garden Terrace Takanodai)
*Can use PAO points and repeater discount
*Discount can only be used 1 time
*If you would like to continue living in an Oakhouse share house after the discount contract period has ended, a new contract at the normal rent rate is required (because a house transfer will be required as well, house transfer fee also applies)
*After the discount campaign has ended and a normal contract formed for another house, you can use the Smart Membership discount program.
*Limited time discount cannot be used by current Oakhouse residents moving to the share houses above.
*In the case of 2 persons living in a room, there is an additional fee of 10,000 yen per month.

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