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Voter's Choice for 2018/10

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  • # 1 3,000 PAO present

    「Enjoying a killer whale show with raincoats so we don't get too wet!」 satoshi

    The two without raincoats probably got soaking wet...!

  • # 2 2,000 PAO present

    「4 housemates enjoyed to Kamogawa Sea World! 」 sasuke

    Beautiful blue! Aquariums are great places to visit in the summer!

  • # 3 1,000 PAO present

    「Harvesting pears with housemates!」 ぽん太

    It's fun to visit different places with your sharemates!

House Rally for 2018/10

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Social Residence Yokohama

The last summer party of the Heisei era! Congratulations!!

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