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Voter's Choice for 2018/01

Voter's Choice is the post
that has the most 'likes'!

  • # 1 3,000 PAO present

    「Mochi Pounding by たっきー」 たっきー

    Our first winner from Kyoto! Congratulations! XD

  • # 2 2,000 PAO present

    「Double Screen Because We Can by じぶ」 じぶ

    Retro games are awesome!

  • # 3 1,000 PAO present

    「Nabe Party! by じぶ」 じぶ

    Perfect winter comfort food! ♪

House Rally for 2018/01

House Rally is a reward for the house
with the most posts!

Social Residence Narita (Yachiyo)

Unbeatable! But, can they conquer the next Memories challenge....?

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