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Voter's Choice for 2018/08

Voter's Choice is the post
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  • # 1 3,000 PAO present

    「Celebrating the manager's birthday! by Kobu」 コブ

    We gifted him a Strong Zero Tower for extra power!!

  • # 2 2,000 PAO present

    「A shot from our farewell party! Now, off to karaoke! by Kobu」 コブ

    Come back and visit sometime!

  • # 3 1,000 PAO present

    「Share house friends having a barbecue on the beach, by SASUKE」 sasuke

    This is how you enjoy summer: with lots of friends!

House Rally for 2018/08

House Rally is a reward for the house
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Gran Toda

Having a professional trainer at home to help with your workouts is the best!

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