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Voter's Choice for 2019/08

Voter's Choice is the post
that has the most 'likes'!

  • # 1 3,000 PAO present

    「A party where we said goodbye to those moving out in July! #SRMinamiNagareyama」 コブ (SOCIAL RESIDENCE MINAMI NAGAREYAMA)

    Minami-Nagareyama is always having parties...looks fun!

  • # 2 2,000 PAO present

    「Birthday party for everyone with birthdays in July....Part 2! #SRMinamiNagareyama」 コブ (SOCIAL RESIDENCE MINAMI NAGAREYAMA)

    TWO birthday parties?! Happy Birthday(s)!

  • # 3 1,000 PAO present

    「Sweets from Sendai, Hagi-no-tsuki! #SRMinamiNagareyama」 コブ (SOCIAL RESIDENCE MINAMI NAGAREYAMA)

    They're so soft and delicious, but sometimes I misread "hagi" as "ogi"... kanji can be hard!

House Rally for 2019/08

House Rally is a reward for the house
with the most posts!

We had a lot of people join us for nagashi somen! (SOCIAL RESIDENCE NARITA (YACHIYO))

We made lots of great memories!


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