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Voter's Choice for 2019/07

Voter's Choice is the post
that has the most 'likes'!

  • # 1 3,000 PAO present

    「The after-party! So much fun~」 あんな (SOCIAL RESIDENCE YOKOHAMA)

    Too bad it rained, but we still had a lot of fun!

  • # 2 2,000 PAO present

    「It rained, so we had a little beer party」 あんな (SOCIAL RESIDENCE YOKOHAMA)

    SR Yokohama always looks like they're having fun!

  • # 3 1,000 PAO present

    「Come hang out with us again! #SRMinamiNagareyama」 コブ (SOCIAL RESIDENCE MINAMI NAGAREYAMA)

    SR Minami Nagareyama always has nice going-away parties!

House Rally for 2019/07

House Rally is a reward for the house
with the most posts!

It rained a little bit, but we still got to see fireworks! (SOCIAL RESIDENCE YOKOHAMA)

SR Yokohama's yearly fireworks event! Everyone looks great in yukata!


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