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Oak Explorers: Matsudo

Oak Explorers: Matsudo

DK House Matsudo opens in Matsudo City in Chiba prefecture! It's a large house, with 164 rooms in total... but what is there around the house? The Oak Explorers set off to find out! This time, it's just 4 guys, off on an adventure!

Great access! Convenient station area!

20 minutes to Tokyo!
DK House Matsudo is closest to Matsudo station. You can take either the JR Joban line or the Shin-Keisei line and get to Tokyo in just 20 minutes. Around the station are an Isetan and a Ito Yokado department store, as well as a pharmacy, 100-yen shop, and many places to eat and drink. You won't have any problems getting everything you need around here. There are lots of people walking around even in the middle of the weekday, for a pleasantly active atmosphere. Our 4 intrepid gentlemen had a hard time deciding in just which direction to head off!

Large square outside the station

Plenty of places to shop, eat, and drink!

Yakiniku Kamon

Yakiniku lunch at a great price!
We can't explore on an empty stomach, so first we headed to a yakiniku restaurant outside the west exit from Matsudo station across from the Ito Yokado department store. They had a special lunch menu, of which we took full advantage. With lunch sets including harami flank steak, karubi short rib, bibimbap mixed rice, or sundubu jjigae tofu soup, there was lots to choose from and it all looked delicious. The shop was filled with the joyous voices of regular patrons. On the 2nd floor are plenty of table spaces so you can come with lots of friends!

The sound of the grill

We loved the bibimbap!

Yakiniku Kamon
Chiba, Matsudo City, Matsudo 1227-1-2

Italian Kitchen UNO

Fresh veggies and pasta
We found a nice Italian place near the station too, just a 1-minute walk from the east exit of Matsudo station. They also had low-price lunch sets, with daily specials. Today we had pasta with octopus and spring cabbage in a ragu sauce. They had a salad buffet, and drinks come with the meal. The design of the place is great. This would probably be a great place for ladies and their friends to have lunch... or so we imagine!

Climb the stairs to enter the Italian restaurant

Made with in-season ingredients

Italian kitchen UNO
Chiba, Matsudo City, Matsudo 1291 Inayoshi bldg. 201

Matsudo Central Park

A relaxing space near the station
Behind the Ito Yokado outside the station you will find Matsudo Central Park. It has tennis courts, which you can use by registering and reserving in advance. The park is filled with trees, creating cool shade. There are places to walk, places for children to play, and benches to take a break. Great if you need to clear your mind, go on a date, or go for a jog. The park changes with the seasons: you will be able to see sakura cherry blossoms in the spring, or the beautiful fall colors. Our 4 young men took this opportunity to play with water pistols. It was a good bonding experience. Almost felt like an American coming-of-age movie!

Park filled with nature

Blowing bubbles in the park

Imagining an FPS, with water pistols

Our 4 young lads

Matsudo Central Park
Chiba, Matsudo City, Iwase 487-1  

Sagamiya Japanese sweets shop

A Japanese sweets shop with a deep history
After playing in the park, we ventured to the other side of the station to explore the west side, where we found this traditional sweets shop. When you see the kanji character for "ice" on a small flag, of course we had to check it out! This store has been around since 1927, and all the sweets are made by hand. They even make the strawberry syrup for their kakigori shaved ice in-house! It was the best strawberry shaved ice we'd ever tasted. In the winter, they also make yaki-imo baked sweet potatoes. They really pay close attention to the changes and tastes of the seasons.

An intriguing storefront

We were drawn in almost hypnotically

Light, fluffy kakigori!

A great way to cool down

Sagamiya sweets shop
Chiba, Matsudo City, Honcho 5-9

Editor's notes

We hope you enjoyed the Oak Explorers' journey through Matsudo!
From Matsudo you have great access into the city, and there is plenty to buy, eat, and drink around the station so you can get everything you need: groceries, medicine, department stores...! Plus, there are lots of trees, and a great park close by. In nice weather you might even want to take a walk over to the Edogawa river. It's a comfortable, convenient place to live. Come stay in Matsudo!

The 4 boys in Matsudo