2024/04/24 Let's become trilingual!

◆About the event
It is an event where "people who want to become trilingual" gather and communicate freely in the language they want to speak!

This event is recommended for the following people!
・People who have studied abroad and want to speak a foreign language so that they don't forget it.
・People who are studying a foreign language to get a certification.
・People who want to find a language exchange partner.
・People who want to learn a new language that they have never studied before.

◆Who can participate
Participants are welcome regardless of the level of the language they are studying.
All levels are welcome, beginner, intermediate, and advanced!

◆Date: Wednesday, April 24, 19:00~21:00

◆Flow of the day
・Fill in your name card (nickname, native language, language you are studying)
・Grouping for socializing
・Free exchange

◆Fee: Free (*Reservations required)

◆Capacity: 30 people

Gotanda INQBAR
4-3-1 Osaki, Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo

◆Map (Google map)

12 minutes walk from Gotanda station
12 minutes walk from Oosaki station
5 minutes walk from Osaki-Hirokoji station

◆How to apply
Please apply through the OAKHOUSE App.
The app is also available for non-residents ofOAKHOUSE!

Step1. Download the app
App: https://www.oakhouse.jp/eng/app

Step2.Open the app and login with your registered email address and password.
*If you are not an OAKHOUSE member,click here to register as a new OAKHOUSE member:https://www.oakhouse.jp/eng/om/register/

Step3. Select the event you wish to attend from the "Event" section of the app → Click the "Join" button to complete your reservation!

The event will be photographed and posted on official social networking sites.
Please understand this in advance.

개최일 2024/04/24
개최시간 19:00-21:00
건물 IncubarGotanda
요금 ¥0
조직자 オークハウス大野
주최자 프로필


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