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July 4



The scallop is UNdefeatable.


残念だけど、expensive but the volume is very small.

More please !!!!!


This one, I did not order, EVEN MUCH SMALLER than the scallop dish.

I think this is a ripoff.

Onion soup なんて, cannot see why it has to be 500 yen for half a cup.

July 3


Taste good.

Better than I thought.

Even though I do not care about rice.



Ouch eggie !!! ><

July 2


The above salad is very small but delicious.

And very cheap so it is OK.


The above is also tasty and cheap.

However I did not know what it is until I finished one …

… snail って


July 1


I am not trying to invade someone’s privacy, but looooook !!!!!

I was soooooo shocked by the GOOD SENSE of this passenger and honestly these are one of the BEST LOOKING Winnie The Pooh products I have ever seen.

Beautiful ….. ><

There are sooooooo many poor quality not cute Pooh products out there, the above are completely exceptional.


From my friend’s room before she left Japan.

Lovely chicken !!!!!

June 4


Speaks for itself.

This is Green Tea crepe ……..

The ice-cream was super but the crepe itself is TOOOO sweet ………….


Same apply to the above …

Looks sooo good tho.



June 3


One day I had to prepare a meal for someone,

and this is what he and I loves to eat.

Look at this, every time I cook this I cannot stop admire the beauty of it.

So neat …

So delicious …

June 2


This DENNYS mango thing really really really rocks !!!!!!!!!!!

No matter how many times I had this never can have enough !!!!!!!!!!!!

Really want to go there every day at lunch, but too bad …

SOOOO much secondhand smoke it makes me hard to breathe …..

And workers there are sooo busy and overwork … makes me feel that I should not go there …..

June 1

This month I am suuuuuuuper busy cause I am looking for places that I can move to next year.IMG_7566

This is from one of the model house.

The very first time I actually got to see a “movie” before the officer showed us the model room.

This building is not bad itself, 1 minute from the station. SUPER sweet.

However, the town itself is … ちょっと地味かなあ?


It is true there seem to be a beautiful park close by, but it takes 6 minutes.

Nice, but for lazy ppl, really wish can be more convenient than just that …

The resale value is what worries ppl, cause that 区 is not that strong about resale.

And it is not 免震。

May 4


Another dish from Denny’s.

Especially for summer. 冷麺!!!

Taste soooo good.

Too bad the second-hand smoke problem was just too severe for me to handle, otherwise I would love to go to Denny’s during lunch time ! ><


The flower close to the station !

SOOOO beautiful !!!

I love this little station. I used to always think how nice it would be to live so close to the station. But recently I started finding out how the resale value of those next-to-the-station can be a little problem due to the size of this town.

May 3


Chicken, yes.

I was brought to this place because someone has a coupon.

偶然に、it is also the same restaurant that the company’s バカ新人会 was going to take place.

I am so glad I was brought to this chicken place the week before the 新人会 so I could feel soooo great not to have to attend it and allow myself to see more irritating things from one of the new employee, because I did not miss the chance to eat in this chicken place.

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