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November 4


Meant to mail this to the 赤ちゃん of my sister,

would love to think that 赤ちゃん would love to play with this,

since she really likes stickers.

But recently sooooo not feeling well cannot do much …


I think this was one of the last very few ラーメン that I could have before I got sick.

It was nice. Wonder when can eat similar things again …

Instead of dividing my meals into 8 times a day …

Life is difficult.

November 3


This is the 24 hour supermarket in 六本木 which recently I sometimes had to go.

Don’t particularly hate 六本木 but honestly this is not exactly an easy place to live for.

It is true it is super close to my work place 都庁前,

but the 六本木 station is sooooooo deep down … and the stairs … 危険。

And there are always so many “異様” strangers on the street.

Too restless … too many party animals walking around.

Too many ppl smoking on the street.

The supermarkets too expensive.

I don’t understand why anyone can shop in MidTown unless their salary is at least 1000万 or more every year.

Sorry I can’t meet the standard.


Another supermarket. Cute Japanese Halloween.

November 2


This is the trophy of my hard work …

Eating noodles of 8 times throughout 1-2 months.

But this blanket really is warm and cute.

Can’t beat that.



November 1


This is not a bad meal.

It tasted OK. But the main purpose of this purchase is to earn 8 cards, …

… so to get Relax Bear towel.

Yes it is a little forceful.

Because I personally do not like donuts.

So I had to look for other eatable things on the menu.

And there it is.

To eat 40+ donuts to get a cute big towel, probably no one can achieve this.

Mr. Donuts probably consider this point and invented “noodle menus” to help customers out.


This is a 700 yen very small watermelon.

Fine as the way it is.

Except the fact that I suddenly ended up had to stay somewhere else for a week,

and half of this became uneatable …

What a waste.

October 4


These nice sashimi.

Someone intentionally prepared them and showed it to me … Thank you.


Meals for the kids that night … KAWAII !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

October 3


It was a welcome party. And it mostly was for me. Super happy and nice.


It tasted so good. ><


Love this.

October 2


Love this cookie.

It was one of my birthday presents.

Why like it so much?

Because it has my fav. color and the person that sent it remembered it and particularly picked this one for me.

Even though the quality not as good as the other designs that I saw in person before, but enough to prove someone cares …

October 1


Got sick and had to go to 虎ノ門病院、結局、虎ノ門までも、行ってしまった。

Saw the real 虎ノ門, sooooo cute !!!!!


September 4


I will never spend this much on … GRAPE. OKOK, MASCOT.

Will you?

Well if I hit a lottery maybe I will try this at least once.


The size … not like anything you have EVER seen.

Does it even look like any types of grapes to you ? ~.~

September 3


俺のXXXX, that is the restaurants name.

It is supposed to be 中華料理。But this cheese, taste sooooo great …


I am sorry, I will try not to eat this again.

Not that I love shark, but I don’t mean to see them being caught too much neither …

Anything excessive is never going to be good …

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