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August 4


look at the Anpaman.

he is even on the cover of the bandages.

the 薬屋 near my place, the price is high, but sometimes, they displays something interesting.

i like this really want to get that for my sister’s baby,

but unfortunately i have spent too much money on that super lovely baby and i am out of budget recently …

i miss that baby soooo much,

wish she will think the same about me too …

August 3


Usually it is very hard to find a small relax bear and still look as good as the big one.

the one above is one of the exceptions. perfectly cute.

この間、i met another relax bear fan.

even though i now not as enthusiastic as before regarding relax bear,

but i still have a lot of feeling for this lovely creation.

with a new friend with the same love,

it immediately connected us closer … lol.

thanks bear bear.

August 2


recently i got sooooo fat … i have never been in this weight before

and the pathetic thing is, i have no intention to lose any … weight.

there is a fatter boy sitting next to me at work

he gave me the snack, shown above.

he said that was his fav., and i tried, and it really was good.

thank you friend.

sigh, why my belly so big now …

August 1

I was told this summer is supposed to be one of the hottest. Yes, some days were very hot.

HOWEVER, surprisingly, there were also many many days that are cooler, among the hotter days.

It was a blessing.

To people like me, being outside for 5 minutes can sweat like crazy, I cannot ask for more than this …



And look at this little watermelon … geez … so small.

It was only size 20% of the melons sold in USA.

What happened to the melons in Japan?

And the 茄子 too, baby みたい。

この間、アメリカに戻ると、the BIG size of USA 茄子 stunned me.

アメリカの melon, 何年も見てたなのに、… you can imagine how crazy different the size is compare to the ones in japan and after I got used to the Japanese one and went back to USA … oh oh … could not handle the shock. lol.

July 4



The scallop is UNdefeatable.


残念だけど、expensive but the volume is very small.

More please !!!!!


This one, I did not order, EVEN MUCH SMALLER than the scallop dish.

I think this is a ripoff.

Onion soup なんて, cannot see why it has to be 500 yen for half a cup.

July 3


Taste good.

Better than I thought.

Even though I do not care about rice.



Ouch eggie !!! ><

July 2


The above salad is very small but delicious.

And very cheap so it is OK.


The above is also tasty and cheap.

However I did not know what it is until I finished one …

… snail って


July 1


I am not trying to invade someone’s privacy, but looooook !!!!!

I was soooooo shocked by the GOOD SENSE of this passenger and honestly these are one of the BEST LOOKING Winnie The Pooh products I have ever seen.

Beautiful ….. ><

There are sooooooo many poor quality not cute Pooh products out there, the above are completely exceptional.


From my friend’s room before she left Japan.

Lovely chicken !!!!!

June 4


Speaks for itself.

This is Green Tea crepe ……..

The ice-cream was super but the crepe itself is TOOOO sweet ………….


Same apply to the above …

Looks sooo good tho.



June 3


One day I had to prepare a meal for someone,

and this is what he and I loves to eat.

Look at this, every time I cook this I cannot stop admire the beauty of it.

So neat …

So delicious …

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