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June 4


Speaks for itself.

This is Green Tea crepe ……..

The ice-cream was super but the crepe itself is TOOOO sweet ………….


Same apply to the above …

Looks sooo good tho.



June 3


One day I had to prepare a meal for someone,

and this is what he and I loves to eat.

Look at this, every time I cook this I cannot stop admire the beauty of it.

So neat …

So delicious …

June 2


This DENNYS mango thing really really really rocks !!!!!!!!!!!

No matter how many times I had this never can have enough !!!!!!!!!!!!

Really want to go there every day at lunch, but too bad …

SOOOO much secondhand smoke it makes me hard to breathe …..

And workers there are sooo busy and overwork … makes me feel that I should not go there …..

June 1

This month I am suuuuuuuper busy cause I am looking for places that I can move to next year.IMG_7566

This is from one of the model house.

The very first time I actually got to see a “movie” before the officer showed us the model room.

This building is not bad itself, 1 minute from the station. SUPER sweet.

However, the town itself is … ちょっと地味かなあ?


It is true there seem to be a beautiful park close by, but it takes 6 minutes.

Nice, but for lazy ppl, really wish can be more convenient than just that …

The resale value is what worries ppl, cause that 区 is not that strong about resale.

And it is not 免震。

May 4


Another dish from Denny’s.

Especially for summer. 冷麺!!!

Taste soooo good.

Too bad the second-hand smoke problem was just too severe for me to handle, otherwise I would love to go to Denny’s during lunch time ! ><


The flower close to the station !

SOOOO beautiful !!!

I love this little station. I used to always think how nice it would be to live so close to the station. But recently I started finding out how the resale value of those next-to-the-station can be a little problem due to the size of this town.

May 3


Chicken, yes.

I was brought to this place because someone has a coupon.

偶然に、it is also the same restaurant that the company’s バカ新人会 was going to take place.

I am so glad I was brought to this chicken place the week before the 新人会 so I could feel soooo great not to have to attend it and allow myself to see more irritating things from one of the new employee, because I did not miss the chance to eat in this chicken place.

May 2


見た目 might not convey much but they tasted great.

Can you imagine with CABBAGE and just some sauce on top of it can make such a wonder? lol.


Love this MINT. I used to not know how to appreciate the wonder of HERBS. As I grow old things just start to change bit by bit.

Just like one time my Japanese friend took me to see sunset in CA, and I completely found it super boring … and disappointed. My Japanese friend was only 24 at that time but she knew how to appreciate sunset and kept telling me it was beautiful.



I miss Kimie.

May 1


Denny’s dessert is almost always as promising as the pic they show on the site. Taste great, and beautiful.

They really try to make it look good, with no doubt.

Finally in 都庁前, where our company moved to this year, I found the closest Denny’s I can go sometimes. 感謝します。

けど、相変わらず、even THIS Denny’s also has one huge problem. 煙いっぽい。本当にツライ。いくら行きたくても行けられなくなる。

まあまあ。それは確かに残念なんだけど、you really cannot NOT praise the food they display.


I loooooove MANGO dessert !!!!!!!!!!!!!! ><

April 4


I did not eat the above マポ豆腐。

But my co-worker did. it kind of looked good.

But expensive.


The other day, we went to eat outside.

I did not eat the above, someone else, but I tried this, it tasted great


THIS was what I ordered!!!!!!!!!!!

OMG! 1000yen, unavoidable cause silly company moved to 都庁。

But it tasted wonderful …..

Many many many thick sauce!!!

April 3


This is one of the cutest thing I have ever seen.

SUPER CUTE die-cut and … one of my old fav. characters.

But expensive …

More than 300 yen.

Why buy it? Because sister’s little baby really like seals and stickers.

I just thought this would be an interesting item to her …

And after they received it, they sent me a picture of baby playing this … SUPER FUNNY!!!

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