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27 houses with 293rooms in Kamata - Shinagawa - Akihabara - Aoyama

▼Akihabara / Aoyama / Shinagawa / Kamata areas

▼Area around Akihabara station

Akihabara is most famous for Akihabara Electric Down. In it there are many shops selling electronic parts and appliances. There are also large electronics stores, games, and anime shops that are also popular with foreign travelers. It’s the perfect spot for the modern geek or nerd.

▼Area around Aoyama 1-chome

Aoyama 1-chome is a station on the Tokyo Metro line where you can also change to the Toei subway line. From the north side of the station you can reach Meiji Shrine and Akasaka Goyochi, both with plenty of green and nature. There is also the Meiji baseball stadium and the Chichibunomiya rugby field, where you can see many sports events.There are many embassies of various countries around Aoyama. On the south side of the station are many office and shopping buildings as well as apartments and schools. There are also plenty of places to eat and drink.

▼Area around Shinagawa station

From Shinagawa station you can take the Tokaido bullet train or the Keihin express, as well as the Yamanote line, so it services many riders every day. The area outside of the Takanawa exit has many shopping and business centers, as well as hotels. There is the Shinagawa Prince Hotel, aquarium, and bowling alley where you can spend leisure time. Extending further out from these areas are residential areas.There are many shopping and business buildings from the south side, so most people tend to head this way when exiting from the station.

▼Area around Kamata station

The area extending from the east exit of Kamata station contains the Ota ward office, the ward concert hall, police station, and tax office. However this area has a lot of one-way streets so be careful walking around.The area around the station is good for shopping, and just outside this area runs highway 11, which runs from north to west, and has many schools and residences in the vicinity. There are also many shrines and temples and greenery to be found. You can also find doctors and clinics in various fields around the station. Kamata is close to Haneda airport, so it’s convenient to take a train or bus to the airport.


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