FIX Plan introduction

Apply FIX plan, get
10,000 yen points back!

If you are staying for a short time or already known when you will move out when you move in,this Plan is a great way to save money.
If move-out date is decided at the time of contract, we highly recommend to apply for the FIx plan.
You will get 10,000 yen points back as a part of the contract fee when apply to move out!
(Points can be redeemed. The transfer fee will be borne by the customer)

If you make a move-out application within 7 days of signing your 1st contract...

FIX Plan Easy 3 easy steps

  • STEP1Make a move-out application within 7 days of signing your first contract!

  • STEP2Move out on the date you applied for

  • STEP3Get points! Your points can be exchanged for cash, or used the next time you move in at Oakhouse!

*Application for FIX Plan is carried out during move-out application procedure.

【FIX Plan usage guide and important notes】

  • FIX Plan is only applicable to those who make a move-out application within 7 days of signing their 1st contract.
  • Points are issued in the form of official Oakhouse PAO points.
  • The upper limit of the amount of points back is the total amount of the paid contract fee. As a result, this amount will change depending on your room type, house type, and whether a campaign discount was applied, etc.
  • The PAO points will be issued after you have moved out and Oakhouse has completed the contract cancellation process.
  • PAO will not be issued if there are outstanding unpaid fees.
  • After making the move-out application, you can change your move-out date and still have the FIX Plan apply so long as you make the change within 7 days of your initial contract date. Please be aware that if you change the move-out date more than 7 days after your initial contract date, the FIX Plan will be voided.
    (However, Oakhouse will begin searching for a new tenant for the room after you make a move-out application, so there may be cases where you will be unable to change or cancel your move-out date.)
  • If your expected move-out date occurs in the middle of the next contract, the FIX Plan still applies. However, this only applies if the next re-contract is actually signed.
  • PAO points are valid from 1 year from when they are issued.
  • After the end of the contract, the PAO points granted on the FIX Plan can be exchanged into cash value, so long as you are not living in another Oakhouse. (1 PAO = ¥1)

*Those whose initial contract date is after April 1st 2019 can make a move-out application.

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