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▼Ueno / Asakusa / Toyosu areas

Here we will look at two areas with lots of Tokyo history, Ueno and Asakusa, as well as the growing area of Toyosu.

▼Area around Ueno station

Ueno station lies on both the JR Yamanote line and as a bullet train stop, making it one of the best hub stations in Tokyo, giving access not only to the rest of the city but to further areas outside of Tokyo as well, such as the Tohoku area.Ueno is home to many sightseeing spots, shops, restaurants, and more, as well as Ueno park, which has a bronze statue of Takamori Saigo at the entrance. It contains a building enshrining Ieyasu Tokugawa, the graves of the Shogitai who fought in the battle of Ueno, and other Edo-period buildings. There is also the Ueno Zoo and Shinobazu pond, and there is something for everyone to enjoy.You can also enjoy shopping here, as there are many electronics stores and souvenir shops. One shop of note is the large toy store just outside one of the station exits, which is popular with children and tourists.

▼Area around Asakusa station

Asakusa is another tourist spot in Taito ward, like Ueno. Exit the station and you will see many tourists who have come to see the Sensoji temple and its Kaminarimon gate. It is a spot brimming with Edo period history and atmosphere. On the Nakamise street going toward the temple, you will find souvenirs, traditional Japanese snacks, Japanese umbrellas, and other representative gifts and things to buy.There are also several people who operate rickshaws nearby if you would like to be carted around in your own human-powered taxi. There are plenty of great, well-known, and highly-rated Japanese places to eat in the area as well. The station also gives you easy access to Tokyo Skytree, which looms close by, and visually connects old Japan and new. There is plenty to do there as well, like an aquarium, shopping mall, or ride to the top.

▼Area around Toyosu station

Toyosu was built on reclaimed land beginning at the beginning of the Showa period. At the beginning of the Heiwa period, TV stations and other large businesses began operating in this area, and thanks to the Yurikamome waterfront train line, it is connected to Yurakucho and other places. There are many high-rises in Toyosu as well. Because of this new land, there are shopping malls, movie theater complexes, lots of restaurants, and amusement centers for all ages. They can be great spots for families, dates, or friendly outings on your days off. There is a park near the area around the station, and it is easy to get to Odaiba.The new Tsukiji fish market is planned to open in Toyosu sometime in 2016, so it will surely become a new name in Japanese tourism.


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