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Tsukuba Express Asakusa station is busy going toward Akihabara during morning rush. Nearby are the Asakusa Hanayashiki Amuseument park and the Mokubakan performing arts theater. Average Oakhouse share house rent is 65,000, slightly higher than other areas along the Tsukuba Express, but there are supermarkets and a Don Quixote where you can shop for all sorts of things. There are also many nice places to see as a tourist.


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Station overview

Tsukuba Express Asakusa station is in Taito ward in Tokyo. It should be noted that this is not the same Asakusa station most would be familiar with, separated from it by 600 meters, so it can be difficult to transfer to another line. It was built in 2005, and there are several express service trains. You can get to Akihabara in just 4 minutes. If you need to go the other way toward Tsukuba, you can get there on the express in as fast as 39 minutes. Each day around 10,803 people use this station. It is a very deep station, 4 floors underground, and you can get to the top using the escalator or elevator. For restrooms, you will have to go to the ticket gate area.

Places to see

Near Tsukuba Express Asakusa station are the Hanayashiki amusement park and the Mokubakan performing arts theater, among other sights. The Hanayashiki amusement park is very old, dating back to even the Edo period. (the current Hanayashiki was opened officially in 1949.) There is a roller coaster, merry-go-round, and many more attractions. It is cheap to get in, just 1,000 yen for an adult. It still operates today, with an atmosphere of traditional Japanese entertainment. They even have a women's pro-wrestling league, the JWP. The Mokubakan theater holds traditional Japanese performances. The building itself opened in 1907 as an entomological museum, and it opened as a theater just in 1977.


Near Tukuba Express Asakusa station you can find Seiyu and LIFE supermarkets, and there is a Don Quixote store near the station, meaning you can find anything you need and more easily. There are many other places to eat, drink, and shop in this area, and you could easily spend a fun weekend right nearby. To the east are pockets of nature, as well as temples and libraries. This area has a lot of old Asakusa Japanese atmosphere you won't find in other areas of Tokyo. Here you can be close to performing arts and history. If you're willing to walk you can go to the other Asakusa station or Tawaramachi station for access to other areas.

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