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▼Shibuya / Meguro / Setagaya areas

The areas around Shibuya, Meguro, and Setagaya are on the sophisticated side, and each has their own sort of culture.

▼Area around Shibuya station

The area around Shibuya station is the center for a lot of Japanese youth fashion and culture. Many young people gather around the shops in Center-Gai. There are several shopping centers here, including 109, Parco, Marui, and Seibu, providing lots of variety in styles. The Tsutaya building right across from the famous Shibuya Scramble extends from B2F to 7F, and covers one of the widest areas for a shop in Tokyo. The Tsutaya building stays open quite late and has a Starbucks so it is very convenient.There are also many movie theaters in Shibuya, with some even holding all-night screenings. It’s an easy place to stay out all night.

▼Area around Meguro station

The area around Meguro station is defined mostly by the Meguro river, and has its own distinct atmosphere.The area around Meguro-dori has many furniture shops, carrying pieces from wood to modern, and from different stylistic eras as well. These include places like BRUNCH, ACME FURNITURE Takaban, and Modernica.The area around the Meguro river is home to many nice restaurants, cafés, and bakeries. One popular one is WATER nakameguro dining, near Naka-Meguro station.

▼Area around Ikejiri-Ohashi station in Setagaya ward

Ikejiri-Ohashi station is within walking distance from Shibuya and is close to Setagaya park, which has expansive greenery. The Meguro river runs beside it so it makes for a great leisurely stroll.The Ikejiri-Ohashi area is known for having a comparatively low cost of living compared to the rest of Setagaya ward, and there are convenient stores that are open until 2 a.m.There are many entertainment company offices in Ikejiri-Ohashi and Naka-Meguro, so these areas are known for having a bit of a “celeb” feel to them. It’s fun to walk around and find new hidden gems of shops or restaurants.There are also several learning institutions in Ikejiri-Ohashi so many students come through here.


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