Privacy Policy

1. Purpose of use of personal information

The personal information procured by Oakhouse Co., Ltd is used for the purposes listed below.

Objectives of use of personal information obtained from users of our company services or residents
(1) Provide information regarding rental properties operated by Oakhouse
(2) Fulfill the “Fixed-term rental contract” with the customer
(3) Provide management of the contract, house, building, and emergency response as per the contract signed between Oakhouse and the customer
(4) Provide information regarding events and seminars operated by Oakhouse
(5) Provide information regarding other services provided by Oakhouse
(6) Operate and market services provided by Oakhouse
(7) Gather and analyze statistical data
Regarding the objectives of use of personal information of fixed-term residents of Oakhouse properties and services and other users
(1) Oakhouse business proposals regarding real estate and property application
(2) Fulfill the “Fixed-term rental contract” with the customer
(3) Application of real estate rental, renovation, marketing information to Oakhouse-provided services and use
(4) Supply necessary personal information only third parties to in order to carry out (1) through (3)

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