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Privacy Policy

1. Purpose of use of personal information

The personal information procured by Oakhouse Co., Ltd is used for the purposes listed below.

Objectives of use of personal information obtained from users of our company services or residents

(1) Provide information regarding rental properties operated by Oakhouse

(2) Fulfill the “Fixed-term rental contract” with the customer

(3) Provide management of the contract, house, building, and emergency response as per the contract signed between Oakhouse and the customer

(4) Provide information regarding events and seminars operated by Oakhouse

(5) Provide information regarding other services provided by Oakhouse

(6) Operate and market services provided by Oakhouse

(7) Gather and analyze statistical data

Regarding the objectives of use of personal information of fixed-term residents of Oakhouse properties and services and other users

(1) Oakhouse business proposals regarding real estate and property application

(2) Fulfill the “Fixed-term rental contract” with the customer

(3) Application of real estate rental, renovation, marketing information to Oakhouse-provided services and use

(4) Supply necessary personal information only third parties to in order to carry out (1) through (3)

2. Providing personal information to third parties

Oakhouse will not release personal information of customers to a third party, except in cases required by law or as necessary as outlined above, or in the cases listed below.

(1) If there is a request for the release of personal data. Limited to those below.

  • If the person requesting the information is the person or user themselves
  • If they are the emergency contact listed on the signed contract

(2) Shared for use by group companies within Oakhouse.

In these cases, Oakhouse will provide the following necessary customer personal information listed below to Oakhouse group companies. In this case, the personal information will only be used in the limited capacity as listed in the above paragraphs. The group company takes responsibility for the use and management of the customer personal information and data thereof.

(1) Name (2) Address (3) Gender (4) Birth date (5) Nationality (6) Occupation (7) Email Address (8) Usage history

(3) In the case of provision of personal information to a third party in the event of company consolidation, split,or transfer

(4) In the event that Oakhouse that provision of information pertaining to execution of duties is necessary to a business partner with which Oakhouse has formed a confidentiality agreement, Oakhouse will provide the personal information listed below. However, the business partner cannot use the information for any other use than execution of business duties. Oakhouse will provide the personal information to the partner in writing, via physical electronic media, or via internet communication. If the user makes a request to cease usage of their personal information, provision of the personal information will cease immediately. To make such requests, please contact Oakhouse at the information provided below.

(1) Name (2) Address (3) Gender (4) Birth date (5) Nationality (6) Occupation (7) Email Address (8) Usage history

For inquiries regarding the policy for use of personal information

Contact: Oakhouse Co., Ltd.

Address: 〒150-0002 Tokyo, Shibuya-ku, Shibuya 3-3-2 Shibuya MK Bldg. 5F