What is Gran Stay?

“The new lifestyle to live in a hotel”.
Living in a hotel may seem expensive, though considering the location and length of stay, it is actually reasonable.

The new lifestyle of “Living in a hotel”.

Living in a hotel may seem expensive, though considering the location and length of stay, it is actually reasonable.
Usually, it is rare to look for “monthly” accommodation charges on hotel reservation sites, but OAKHOUSE’s “The New Lifestyle of living in a hotel ‘Gran Stay’” provides monthly rates for our customers.
Different from staying one or two nights, long-term stay provides a great deal of living in a hotel lifestyle.

Let’s talk more about the Gran Stay.

No initial cost Display with all utilities’ prices included Furnished Bedding included

With good amenity WiFi included Open 24 hours Cleaning included Available for exchanging the Linen

* Service content may vary depending on the hotel and room specifications and price settings. Check each of the hotel pages for more details.

Full of services, hotel staff are stationed in place of the manager. They will be glad to help you with your usual problems, such as calling a taxi.

Keio Plaza Hotel

Citadines Shinjuku Tokyo

The charm of a hotel

The benefits of living in a hotel are not limited to the convenience and comfort only. Depending on the hotels, they also provide gyms, lounges, and café spaces. The more you can do in the building, the less risk you have to go out. More, hotels are also often close to the train station, which is very convenient.
It is suitable not only for those who value their private life, but also for those who want to meet and interact with other. For example, you may naturally have conversation with someone you met in the lounge or gym.

Keio Plaza Hotel

Keio Plaza Hotel


Citadines Shinjuku Tokyo

Benefits of booking a hotel at Gran Stay

There are two main advantages to make a long-term accommodation (move in) reservation at Gran Stay. First is the price plan. There will only be special prices that are not usually listed on the hotel reservation site. More, various types of hotels and rooms are listed for you to find a place that suits you the best.

Another benefit is that you can join the OAKHOUSE member and become a “Fellows”. OAKHOUSE provides various communication services for our “Fellows”. You can always participate in any parties held at our share house. In the past, there are various kinds of events such as music festivals, school festivals, athletic meet, celebrity talk event, tasting event, unreleased food monitor participation, yoga party, mountain climbing party, etc., and many seasonal events such as Halloween, Christmas, New Year are held.

* Participation fee is either charged or free.
*Some events are being refrain due to Corona.
* Online events such as ZOOM are also being held. Besides the event, there are also many benefits of being a Fellows.
For more details, please refer to the Fellows explanation page.

Gran Stay is very reasonable

Gran Stay is,

  • Free security deposit/key money/brokerage fee
  • No guarantor required
  • Furnitured with home appliances provided.
  • Free internet usage fee
  • Available for moving between properties
  • Contract is possible from a minimum of 1 month

And so on, all the properties are good value and reasonable!

Gran Stay is also very convenient for foreigners who come to Japan from overseas.
Even for Japanese who have been working abroad and are looking for an apartment that can be rented from one month when returning, or people in Japan looking for another place to work. It is a very comfortable property to live in.
Gran Stay will be a strong ally for foreigners and Japanese people who are active around the world.

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