Smart Membership


Did you know there is a way to make your Oakhouse rent even cheaper?

With the Smart Membership Program, you can get a continuous discount on your rent by making a deposit with Oakhouse.
Our Membership program has been going for 10 years, since April 2008, previously called Premiere and Smart Membership. Currently there are over 3,500 Members as of January, 2022! As a Smart Member, you can get a huge discount on your monthly rent!

Smart Membership

  • 入会申込

    Become a Smart Member by applying to join, making your deposit, and living in an Oakhouse share house.

  • 保証金の金額に応じて、

    Depending on how much you deposit, you get a discount on your monthly rent

  • スマート会員は入退会自由!

    You can join or leave Smart Membership at any time! You can also increase or decrease the total amount of your deposit at any time, so you can rest assured that you can get your money back whenever you need it.

Smart Membership and Deposit application
Click here to see the contract terms. Smart Membership Agreement
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Rent cheaper and smarter with a Smart Deposit

  • 立地も物件も想定外のグレード!

    The price and location was better than expected!
    I was looking at a house about 5,000 yen higher than my budget, but now as a Smart Member I can pay the rent price I can afford.

  • 結婚資金の準備もばっちり

    I’ve been living in Oakhouse for 2 years. I wanted to save money so by increasing my deposit by 100,000 yen I can get even greater savings on rent! Now I can save up enough money for my wedding!

  • 開業貯金はキープしたい

    I want to start my own business and start going to classes, but I want to keep my investment capital.
    By putting my investment into the Smart program, I pay cheaper rent and used the savings to pay for my classes… and the investment is still all there waiting for me!

Smart Deposit System Membership Chart

Deposit and discount rates
Membership plans Deposit Discount Membership plans Deposit Discount
1 100,000 400/month 21 2,100,000 8,400/month
2 200,000 800/month 22 2,200,000 8,800/month
3 300,000 1,200/month 23 2,300,000 9,200/month
4 400,000 1,600/month 24 2,400,000 9,600/month
5 500,000 2,000/month 25 2,500,000 10,000/month
6 600,000 2,400/month 26 2,600,000 10,400/month
7 700,000 2,800/month 27 2,700,000 10,800/month
8 800,000 3,200/month 28 2,800,000 11,200/month
9 900,000 3,600/month 29 2,900,000 11,600/month
10 1,000,000 4,000/month 30 3,000,000 12,000/month
11 1,100,000 4,400/month 31 3,100,000 12,400/month
12 1,200,000 4,800/month 32 3,200,000 12,800/month
13 1,300,000 5,200/month 33 3,300,000 13,200/month
14 1,400,000 5,600/month 34 3,400,000 13,600/month
15 1,500,000 6,000/month 35 3,500,000 14,000/month
16 1,600,000 6,400/month 36 3,600,000 14,400/month
17 1,700,000 6,800/month 37 3,700,000 14,800/month
18 1,800,000 7,200/month 38 3,800,000 15,200/month
19 1,900,000 7,600/month 39 3,900,000 15,600/month
20 2,000,000 8,000/month 40 4,000,000 16,000/month

※Membership plans are from 1 to 40 as of October 3rd 2022

※Discount amounts listed are those as of October 3rd 2022

What are the monthly savings for a 20 Member?

Normal rent (ex.)

20 Member discount

Monthly rent

Save ¥8,000   per month ¥96,000 per year!
Smart Deposit: Important notes
    *Refunds of the Smart Membership deposit will be transferred to the designated bank account within 3 bank business days. However this excludes year-end holidays or days when Oakhouse is not operating. Applications made by 17:59 will be counted as day-of, and applications made after 18:00 will be counted as the next day.
    *The designated account holder name must match the name of the person on the contract. Refunds cannot be made to a 3rd party.
Smart Membership and Deposit application
Click here to see the contract terms. Smart Membership Agreement
Questions FAQ

*1. For details regarding discount rates and effective periods, please refer to articles 4 and 10 of the agreement.
*2. For information regarding joining and leaving membership as well as how deposit amounts affect discount rates, please refer to article 10 of the agreement.

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