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Please select "the amount you would like refunded" if you would like to decrease the amount. Please note that this is not "the amount that would remain after the decrease".

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If you would like your discount to take effect starting from the day of initial contract date, the payment must be made by the day before the initial contract date.

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New Smart Deposit: Important notes
*Please make sure to read over and agree to the Agreement before making an application for the New Smart Membership Program.
*New Smart Membership not available at Hebel Stay Daikanyama as of January 20th 2018.
*Refunds of the New Smart Membership deposit will be transferred to the designated bank account within 3 bank business days. However this excludes year-end holidays or days when Oakhouse is not operating. Applications made by 17:59 will be counted as day-of, and applications made after 18:00 will be counted as the next day.
*When making an application to decrease your deposit amount, please select “amount you would like refunded”. Please note that this is not the same as “amount left after decrease”.
*The designated account holder name must match the name of the person on the contract. Refunds cannot be made to a 3rd party.
*After submitting the application, if you would like to change any of the fields in your application such as the amount, etc., please