About Social Residence®

Social Residence® is not just for living: you can learn, grow, and have fun too.

A new lifestyle with an emphasis on fun

Social Residence is a redefining of the share house as a “social place” with an emphasis on community. At Social Residences, people with skills or talents who would like to hold a workshop, seminar, or other events can become a Social Application® in order to provide an opportunity for everyone in the house not to just live but also to learn and grow together. Some houses have multi-purpose studios, 24-hour office spaces with wifi (Social Office), or soundproofed music studios. From people who work from home to people starting their own business, students looking for work, or freelancers, there are also residents who use these Social Applications® as supplementary income.

Social Residence= Social Application (play, enjoy) Social Activity (action)

It’s not just about living. We provide opportunities through this new lifestyle for enjoyment, learning, and growth.

What is Social Application®?

A new way for residents to share is beginning

Social Application® is events, study groups, workshops, etc. that are "interesting, fun, and informative" and that are held and attended by everyone in the lounges of Social Residences. More people want to hold their own event or join one, but it is difficult to secure a meeting place, gather people, advertise, or manage the event as a sponsor, and some of them give up. But with the Social Application® service, those wishing to sponsor an event can get the help they need.
We can organize all kinds of study groups, workshops, cooking classes, language lessons, dance lessons, fitness, yoga, or anything that can be held in the facilities of Social Residences.

Lecture by Mifuyu Ando" Proximity to working and living"

Lecture by Tsuyoshi Takashiro " The new share"

Manicurist, Naomi Kaeda's nail class

Cooking class between residents

Residents formed a multinational futsal team

Our staff join various events with residents

What is Social Activity®?

Social Residence supports residents' activities.
We have a variety of community-based activities such as social contribution, volunteerism, and donation.

What is Social Office?

With the diversification of work style, such as proximity to work and SOHO, the way of living is also diversifying.
Social Office is a space within the Social Residence with Wifi and office equipment. It is populor as a third place different from your private room or workplace. It has become a gathering place for young people who want to start their own business, students looking for a job, freelance creators,etc. because of the convenience of the integrated work/live environment.

Social Residences are reasonable

At Social Residence:

  • Key money, gift money, agency fees: ¥0
  • No guarantor necessary
  • Fully-furnished
  • One-time-only Contract fee
  • Internet fee ¥0
  • Can transfer between share houses
  • Can stay from 1 month

You get all the great perks listed above at a reasonable price!

Also, use of the various facilities is free! Here you can improve your skills, use the services of Social Applications, or hold them yourself and make a bit of money.

Social Residence® is also convenient for foreigners coming to visit Japan. Even for Japanese people who go overseas often because of their job and look for an apartment for a month or more when they come back, or those who need to move around because of their job demand, this is very comfortable.
Oakhouse Social Residences, along with Oakhouse Apartments and share houses, will be a strong ally for foreign visitors to Japan and Japanese who are active on the world stage.

What we think about Social Residence®

Oakhouse’s management principle is to provide fun, happiness, and opportunities to grow.

In response to customers from different backgrounds and ideas that come with changes in society and the economy, Oakhouse has developed living spaces best suited for those customers. We believe that this development is the result of our pursuit of the joy and pleasure of living. Furthermore, through the cultural exchange of these various residents, they stimulate each other and move toward growth. The environment in which they can grow through living in these spaces also provides Oakhouse with the nourishment we need to grow as a company. We will also keep growing together with our residents. From here on out, we will continue to create new ways of living as the times change, and continue to provide added value through living.

Rental Housing Service

As the convenience store market surpasses supermarket market, and as e-commerce sites and internet malls launch new services one after the other, we are now entering to an era in which the nature of shopping malls is questioned, and the emphasis on “individual customer orientation”has begun.
Rental housing market in Japan has been built on the principle of landlord dominance, as evidenced by the world’s unparalleled high value of land and buildings.
However, in order to grow in the face of a declining birthrate and aging society, and shrinking domestic demand, “change to customer orientation” will be necessary. Companies that can’t respond to this change will eventually be shunned and lose their customers.
With the spirit of “customer orientation”that Oakhouse has maintained since our founding, we aim to “turn rental housing into a service” and provide the best housing for as many people as possible.

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