Live comfortably, find new encounters.

A share house is a place that connects people together.

More and more people are choosing to live in a share house.
Whether it's because of budget, just as a temporary living arrangement, or for any other reason, one of the biggest draws of the share house is that it is a place where you can easily meet new people.
Why not try living in a share house?

Merits of living in a share house

Merits of living in a share house
  • Meet people naturally

    Meet people naturally
    Because everyone is living together, you see your fellow residents every day.

  • International encounters

    International encounters
    Many people from all over the world live in share houses.]
    Experience cultural exchange in your own home.

  • Events

    Oakhouse holds events regularly at our share houses.
    Even if you are shy, it is an easy way to meet people.

Why choose Oakhouse?

Why choose Oakhouse?

1) Resident gender demographics
Oakhouse residents are about 50/50 men/women.

2) Resident nationalities
We have residents from all over the world, mostly from Asia.

3) Resident ages
We have a wide range of age groups, mostly in their 20s.

4) Resident occupations
Our residents hold many different kinds of jobs, from full-time employment, students, freelancers, artists, and more.

Share house survey

Share house survey

Q1 What do you think about share houses?

I am interested.
I've never lived in a share house and don't plan to ------- 70%
I've never lived in a share house but am interested -------- 27%
I have lived in a share house before ------- 2%
I am currently living in a share house ------- 1%

Q2 Do you think it is possible to find love living in a share house?

I think you can find love in a share house.
Yes ----- 24%
No ------ 13%
Maybe yes ---- 23%
Maybe no ----- 40%

Q3 Do you think you could marry someone you met at your share house?

Yes -------- 50%
No --------- 11.5%
Maybe yes ------ 34%
Maybe no ------- 4.5%

Share house examples

Share house examples
  • Share house examples
  • Share house examples
  • Share house examples
  • Share house examples
  • Share house examples
  • Share house examples

Thoughts from couples living in our share houses
YoYo and Takuya
YoYo and Takuya YoYo and Takuya

YoYo and Takuya
We met at a BBQ held at the sharehouse, but didn't speak very much and didn't even remember each other's names. We got closer when we were in the kitchen one day, talked about how we didn't really feel like cooking, and ended up going out to dinner together.
From there, we would watch movies in the theater room on days off, I would help her with her homework, make meals together, and we got closer and started dating.
I work at a company, and she studies Japanese at a school, so we're busy every day, but we make time for each other.
We often hang out with everyone in the share house, go out with our friends or on trips, and make the best of our time!

Naruto and Lena
Naruto and Lena Naruto and Lena

Naruto and Lena
We both live in Social Residence Tama Plaza and met over a year ago.
At the time he was an exchange student and we liked each other immediately but were too shy at first. About a month after we met we started talking and then started dating.
We do everything together, from cooking to the gym to games!

Mai and Hiro
Mai and Hiro Mai and Hiro

Mai and Hiro
We first met in the lounge at Social Residence Minami-Nagareyama. We're both from Hokkaido, so we bonded over that. Before we started dating, we spent a lot of time eating and watching TV together. Because we both live in the same house, it was easy to get to know the real person, and I realized that I could trust this person, so we started dating.
Our housemates were really supportive of us and gave us lots of advice and encouragement. We've been dating for about a year, and it wouldn't have been possible without the fact that we lived in the same building, in the same share house, with our great housemates.
If you're thinking about living in a sharehouse, I really recommend spending time in the lounge getting to know your sharemates.
It was tough at first coming to Tokyo, but there are so many people around you in a share house who can help you out so I was never lonely. Thanks to everyone, we are enjoying our lives!


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