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Meetups and networkings more closely
Earn PAO points using your free time

We are "仲間=fellow” for those who have lived in the past, currently living in, will live in the future in Oakhouse, and all LIKE Oakhouse. Through various chances of meetups and networkings among Oak Fellows, we are pursuing a lifetime membership

 Register as Oak Fellows right now!
Sign up for the character directory!
Once you are in the character directory, you will be able to advertise and recruit friends.
You will be able to advertise your business, volunteer work and other activities and will also be able to recruit people with the same interests, for example for language lessons, sports or outside activities.

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Benefits matching_benefit1Promote your activities

Able to promote anything you like!

  • Want to promote your business!

  • Want to promote volunteer activities!

  • Want to promote your local area!


You can freely include your SNS and blog URLs in your own character directory
You can advertise to about 500,000 people who visit the Oakhouse website every month.

Benefits matching_benefit2Find people who share your interests

For example...

  • Language lessons

  • Sports or Outdoor activities


You can advertise your activities in your own character directory and will be able to recruit new friends.

Plus, if you register your activities with Oakhouse as club activities, we will cover part of the monthly club fees!
For more information, please contact your house manager or the helpdesk!
 Register as Oak Fellows right now!

Earn PAO points using your free time

Use your own media (blog, SNS, homepage, etc.) to promote Oakhouse!
You will earn PAO points whenever a new resident moves in to Oakhouse by your promotion!
  • Register Oak Fellows
  • Get your own referral URL
  • Post the referral URL on your blog, SNS, or email directly to your friends.
  • By clicking the referral URL on your blog, SNS, or email will go to the Oakhouse homepage.
  • If referees decide to move into Oak House after registering as a member, points will be granted to you.
    * Furthermore, those who are introduced can use points when moving in for the first time, so everyone will be happy!
  • All points can be used for rent or can be redeemed if you are not a resident.

Two ways to introduce

①Direct introduction: Send out introduction form >
Send out a specially-generated Introduction form to the person you would like to introduce to Oakhouse.

②Media promotion: Embed the special Oak Agent HTML tags▶
Just embed HTML tags on SNS or blog post."

PAO points

Earn PAO points per person who moves in to Oakhouse

※ The person you introduce will also get discount.
☆ Point example▶For each person in single room you introduce, earn 10,000 PAO points
☆ Any room type will get 10,000 PAO points.

※ Some properties may not be applied.

 Oak Agent registration here

Meetups and networkings more closely

Oakhouse official app - Even though people are not living in the same house at the same time, you can find new networks with Oak Fellows who have similar interests by opening your profile on Oakhouse official app.
You can also organize a trip, find people who can exchange English and Japanese language skills each other, give and receive life experience advice, and collaborate with those who have their own ideas.
You can enjoy daily communication via Oakhouse official app timeline.


How to get a job


Oak Fellows Registration Here
If you are already a member of Oak Fellows, log in here.



After logging in, find the "Oak Fellows Worker" menu, and select your preferred job.



Provide the required information, send, and wait for management approval of your application. After the approval, you can start working as an Oak Fellows Worker.
※ The job openings will be posted at Oakhouse official app from September

Use your earned PAO points!

Use your earned PAO points!

1 PAO = 1 Yen
You can pay your points for initial move-in cost or for monthly rent.
▶You can apply for using PAO points from the Oak Member Dashboard.
▶Points usage application by the 15th of the current month will be applied to the following month's rental discount.
▶PAO points valid for 1 year.
▶PAO points can be used in the unit of 1,000.
*PAO points will be used FIFO (first in, first out) basis.

Oak Fellows staff office is an organization which provides new meetups and networking opportunities for those who have lived in the past, those who currently live, those who will live in the future, and all those involved

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