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We are "仲間=fellow” for those who have lived in the past, currently living in, will live in the future in Oakhouse, and all LIKE Oakhouse. Through various chances of meetups and networkings among Oak Fellows, we are pursuing a lifetime membership

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My Page provides many convenient functions, such as sending and receiving messages to and from our staff, in addition to various procedures related to moving in.

  • Check and use the official points PAO.
    Conveniently send and receive messages with our staff before or after moving in and even after moving out!

  • Convenient to confirm or cancel appointments for viewing!

  • Initial payment and rent payment can also be made through My Page!
    It is convenient to choose your payment method!*Credit cards are available for foreign residents only. For details, please refer to each property detail page.

My page can be used immediately by log in with your strong>email address and password which will be sent right after you register as a member!

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Affiliate Program
Recommend Oakhouse and earn referral fees

Refer a friend or someone you know
to Oak House and earn rewards!
We also welcome referrals through blogs,
social networking sites, and other media!

If you know the email address of a friend or acquaintance, you can send them a referral form or if you use a blog, SNS, or other media, you can post a link to the referral URL and when they move in, you will receive a reward* for your referral.

In addition, the person who receives the referral will also receive a reward.
They can earn points* when they register as a member and use them toward the initial cost.

*Rewards will be issued as PAO points; for more information on PAO points, please refer to the 【Conditions / PAO points 】at the end of this page.

Check out the details of our affiliate program!

Meetups and networkings more closely

Events & Club Activities

Oakhouse and Events ー  Since its inception, Oakhouse has hosted many events and parties to provide opportunities for residents to meet and interact with each other. Oakhouse also supports club activities organized by residents to bring together people with similar interests and goals. Through these events and club activities, many new encounters are born, not only with friends, but also with business and life partners. Meeting, interacting, and sharing experiences with share mates of different ages, professions, cultures, and nationalities is a unique experience that only Oakhouse can offer. We are sure that this will be a unique experience only possible at Oakhouse.

Oakhouse Official App ー Even if you do not live in the same property at the same time, you can publish your profile on the Oakhouse Official App and find new connections through common interests. You can plan trips and invite others to join you, find people who can teach each other English and Japanese, give and receive life advice, and collaborate freely with other individuals. You can also enjoy small daily exchanges using the timeline of the official Oakhouse app.


Enjoy "Meeting" and "Interaction" with the Oakhouse App!

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