We recommend Oakhouse if you want to learn Japanese and experience Japanese culture.
More than 50% of the residents are Japanese, you can meet and communicate with people naturally while living in one of our properties.

Why pick Oakhouse?
Fully furnished housing with an internet connection already available makes it easy to start your life in Japan right away. In addition Oakhouse properties are home to people from over 100 different countries, and the residents are very active in their interactions with each other making it easy to meet other people. There are also a lot of Japanese residents, perfect to help learn the language and to experience Japanese culture first hand.

More than 50% of tenants are Japanese!

For Japanese tenants there are slightly more male than female tenants and most are in their 20s and 30s.
Most tenants are full-time employees, but there are also university and vocational school students.
You will be able to meet many people regardless of their job or age.

Diverse range of activities

Around 70% of the residents consider social interaction to be important, not only at events, but also in their everyday lives. Events range from active ones such as sport events, camping and hiking to indoor ones such as takoyaki parties and game parties.

Staff support available in English and Japanese!

Our staff can assist you in English and Japanese

Even if you don't speak Japanese yet, our staff will be able to assist you in English.
We'll support you through the initial uncertainty of living in Japan!

Oakhouse is high quality in terms of facilities and services

The larger Share Houses offer a broad range of facilities, often including a gym, workspace and a large bathroom, which residents can use free of charge at any time.
The property is regularly cleaned by a professional cleaning company.
Rent payment and various other procedures are available on a dedicated page, the Oakhouse MyPage (as of 2022/5, credit card payment is available only for foreign residents) .
※Facilities vary from property to property, so please check the details on each property page.

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    Large Kitchen

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    Music Studio

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    Theatre Room

Cheap rent and student discount available

Compared to a standard rental property, Oakhouse is significantly more affordable in terms of initial and monthly costs.
All rooms and apartments are also fully furnished and equipped with internet access, so you can start living right away.
In addition to Share Houses, Oakhouse also offers a wide range of apartments, from 1-room apartments to 2- to 4-bedroom apartments for friends and families.

Initial cost

OAKHOUSE's sharehouse General rental property
Rent ¥60,000 ¥60,000
Security deposit ¥0 ¥60,000
Key money ¥0 ¥60,000
Brokerage fee ¥0 ¥60,000
Contract fee ¥50,000 ¥0
Management fee ¥0 ¥5,000
Furniture ¥0 ¥100,000
Common service fee ¥18,000 ¥0
Admission fee ¥0 ¥0
Total ¥128,000 ¥345,000

Monthly cost

OAKHOUSE's sharehouse General rental property
Rent ¥60,000 ¥60,000
Water bill ¥0 ¥4,000
Gas bill ¥0 ¥5,500
Electricity bill ¥0 ¥5,000
Internet ¥0 ¥6,500
Common service fee ¥18,000 ¥5,000
Total ¥78,000 ¥86,000


OAKHOUSE's sharehouse General rental property
Contract 1 month~ 2 years
Property move Yes No不
Curfew Nothing Nothing
Meal Nothing Nothing
Invite friends (to stay) Yes Yes

Furthermore, Oakhouse offers a student discount.
If you're a student, you get a 20% discount on your rent every month, making it even more affordable!
Find out more about the student discount here.


Interviews with Japanese residents

We interviewed Japanese residents living in a Share House about their life in the house, hobbies, work, etc.


Share houses are home to many tenants who want to meet people from overseas. You can make many friends through language study and cultural exchange. Enjoy your life in Japan by living in a Share House!

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