New Smart Member Agreement

1. An Oakhouse resident can become a New Smart Member by completing the membership application and depositing the appropriate amount.
2. New Smart Membership is limited only to those who have signed Oakhouse contracts.
3. New Smart Membership is limited to individuals only.
4. The amount of rent discount depends on the amount of deposit made by the New Smart member.
5. Plans 1 through 40 are only available at certain houses. These plans cannot be used at other houses.
6. Rent discount amounts and plans can be changed according to economic conditions with at least 6 months advance notice.
7. Members cannot choose plans whose discount amounts would exceed their rent price (condo fees included).In addition, discounts can not be applied to other fees such as parking, etc.
8. Only 1 New Smart Membership account may be opened per 1 contracted resident.※Even if a Member has multiple room contracts, Smart Membership plans are limited to 1 per person at maximum.
9. New Smart Members can change their plan and discount by either increasing or decreasing their deposited amount.
10. Rental discounts begin applying as follows below.

-For new residents-
① If the application and deposit have both been confirmed as received by the day before the contract will start (i.e. the day rent starts), the discount will apply from the contract start date.
-For current residents-
① When joining New Smart Membership for the first time, if the application and deposit are completed by the 20th day of a given month, the discount will take effect from the 1st day of the following month.
② If you would like to increase your deposit amount, if the application and deposit are completed by the 20th of a given month, the changed discount will take effect from the 1st day of the following month.
③ If you would like to decrease your deposit amount, the changed discount amount will take effect from the current month.
The current month’s discount will be calculated on a per-day basis, with the discount amount before the deposit decrease being used until the refund has been returned, and the discount amount after the deposit decrease being used after the refund has been returned.

11. If rent due for a period is less than 1 month’s worth of rent, the discount will be calculated per day, same as rent. The daily calculated rent will be rounded down.
12. You can leave New Smart Membership at any time, and there are no penalties for doing so.However, after you leave New Smart Membership and your deposit is returned to you, the rental discount will no longer apply.
13. A receipt will be issued for the amount of deposit you have paid as a New Smart Member.
14. When leaving New Smart Membership or increasing or reducing your deposit amount, you must show the receipt of deposit.In the case of increasing or reducing your deposit amount, a new receipt will be issued.
15. New Smart Membership deposits can only be made by bank transfer.
16. Refund applications for the New Smart Membership deposit will be processed within 3 business days (bank business days) and will be transferred to the designated bank account.
However, the days shall not include year-end holidays or days Oakhouse is not in operation. Applications made by 17:59 shall be counted as made on that date, and applications made after 18:00 shall be counted as made 1 day later.Business days exclude the year-end holidays, etc., as well as days on which Oakhouse is not open for business.
17. New Smart deposits do not earn interest.
18. The New Smart deposit may not be designated, pledged, or transferred to a third party.
19. If there is any amount of unpaid rent at the time the New Smart deposit will be refunded, the unpaid amount will be deducted from the deposit.In addition, if there is any loss or damage to the building or facilities due to negligence, the repair costs will be deducted from the deposit.
20. For those who are Smart Members as well as New Smart members, the upper limit of the total amount of deposit is 4,000,000 yen.※The upper limit shall be in accordance with #5.
21. For decreases of the deposit through either the New or old Smart Membership system, as a rule the decrease will be from the deposit under New Smart Membership.
22. The contents of this agreement may be changed with written notice 1 month in advance.

New Smart Deposit System Membership Chart

Deposit and discount rates
Membership plans Deoisut Discount Membership plans Deoisut Discount Membership plans Deoisut Discount Membership plans Deoisut Discount
1 100,000 650/month 11 1,100,000 7,150/month 21 2,100,000 13,650/month 31 3,100,000 20,150/month
2 200,000 1,300/month 12 1,200,000 7,800/month 22 2,200,000 14,300/month 32 3,200,000 20,800/month
3 300,000 1,950/month 13 1,300,000 8,450/month 23 2,300,000 14,950/month 33 3,300,000 21,450/month
4 400,000 2,600/month 14 1,400,000 9,100/month 24 2,400,000 15,600/month 34 3,400,000 22,100/month
5 500,000 3,250/month 15 1,500,000 9,750/month 25 2,500,000 16,250/month 35 3,500,000 22,750/month
6 600,000 3,900/month 16 1,600,000 10,400/month 26 2,600,000 16,900/month 36 3,600,000 23,400/month
7 700,000 4,550/month 17 1,700,000 11,050/month 27 2,700,000 17,550/month 37 3,700,000 24,050/month
8 800,000 5,200/month 18 1,800,000 11,700/month 28 2,800,000 18,200/month 38 3,800,000 24,700/month
9 900,000 5,850/month 19 1,900,000 12,350/month 29 2,900,000 18,850/month 39 3,900,000 25,350/month
10 1,000,000 6,500/month 20 2,000,000 13,000/month 30 3,000,000 19,500/month 40 4,000,000 26,000/month

※Membership plans are from 1 to 40 as of January 20th 2018.

※Discount amounts listed are those as of January 20th 2018

New Smart Membership and Deposit application
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