2023/05/20 【雨天のため5月21日に開催延期】バスケOAK杯〜3on3大会〜@SR東小金井

(English is below)



★時間:10:00~17:30 ※入場開始9:00〜/BBQ懇親会15:00〜
★参加費:選手:男性1,000円、女性 500円 / 観戦:無料
★最寄駅:JR中央線 「東小金井」駅 徒歩15分


9:00- 受付開始・自由練習
10:00- 開会式
10:15- 試合スタート
15:00 終了 / BBQ懇親会



Due to the rain forecast, the above event will be held on Sunday, May 21. (postponed from Saturday, May 20)
Even if it does not rain on the day of the event, we have made this decision because of the risk of injury due to the slippery court caused by the rain until the day before. We ask for your understanding.

Also, spectators, including those from outside the tournament, are free to come and watch the tournament, so please feel free to come and play even if you are not participating in the tournament.
After the tournament, a BBQ party will be held from around 3:00 p.m. for free.

Outline of the event
Date: Sunday, May 21, 2023
Time: 10:00 - 17:30 *Entrance starts at 9:00 / BBQ party starts at 15:00
Venue: Social Residence Higashi-Koganei / Basketball court
Participation Fee: Players: Male 1,000 yen, Female 500 yen / Spectators: Free
Nearest station: JR Chuo Line "Higashi Koganei" station 15 min. walk
Address: 2-17-31 Midori-cho, Koganei-shi, Tokyo

Teams scheduled to participate
SR Fussa A
SR Fussa B
SR Fussa C
Kichijoji 3
Grand Noborito
SR Higashi-Koganei A
SR Higashi-Koganei B
SR Higashi-Koganei & Kurihira
Gran Tamagawa
SR Tama Plaza
SR Haijima
Oak House Residents Mix
OAK HOUSE Employees

9:00- Registration and free practice
10:00- Opening ceremony
10:15- Match start
(with a break in the middle of the match)
15:00 End / BBQ party
*Some delay may occur depending on the progress of the event.

Thank you.

開催日 2023/05/20
開催時刻 10:00~17:30
物件 ソーシャルレジデンス東小金井
料金 ¥1,000
主催者 Co.慶応