AppBox is an Oakhouse service that connects people in a community.




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AppBox is an Oakhouse service that connects people in a community.

One of the best things about a share house is getting to know other people.

Use AppBox to enhance your Oakhouse lifestyle by connecting with the Oak community in your own share house and beyond!

Find people on AppBox that share your interests!

Recommended if you:

  • 1are interested in share houses
  • 2want to go to share house events
  • 3want to experience another share house environment
  • 4want to make friends from other houses

Main functions

  • 01Events

    See various upcoming events held by Oakhouse!
    Easily apply to join events right from the app!

  • 02News

    Get the latest information related to share houses.
    Discover nearby recommendations, or see what life is like at other houses!

  • 03Collaborate

    Want ads
    If you need to give things away, or if you're looking for people nearby to join a band, turn to the Oakhouse community to connect!

    Chat forum
    Talk about various themes with other Oak Members, like: what food would you make for a home party? What are good restaurants nearby? and more!

  • 04Interests & Profile

    Register your interests and get news and events tailored for you! Find other users with similar interests!

Contact us

For questions or requests about the app, please contact us at the address below.