Now recruiting Oak Workers! Let us show you a way to lower your rent!

What is an Oak Worker?

Oak Woekers

Oak Worker is a way for residents to work alongside us at Oakhouse.
Earn points by completing work requests, and use those points to get discounts on rent.
The more you work, the more points you earn!

4 types of work

  • Oak Agent
  • Oak Pro
  • Oak Blogger
  • Social App

Work introduction

Oak Agent

Use your own media (blog, SNS, homepage, etc.) to promote Oakhouse!
You will earn points whenever a new resident moves in to Oakhouse through your media!

1. Direct invitation: Give out Introduction form
▶ Give a specially-generated Introduction form to the person
you would like to introduce to Oakhouse.

2. Media: Embed the special Oak Agent HTML tag
▶ Just put the Oak Agent HTML tag right into
your SNS or blog

Get points for every person that moves in

*The person you introduce will also receive a discount.
"Point example"
Social Residence Shin-Yurigaoka / 10,000 points
for 1 person that moves in / You get 10,000
points no matter what room type.

*Not all houses apply.

Oak Pro

Get work offers from Oakhouse or other companies
An Oak Pro is someone with professional skills!
We will contact you whenever we have need for a job with your skills! For example... cameraman, writer, designer, video director, MC, seminar sponsor, DIY skills, etc.

We will reach out to you whenever we have a job that
requires your skills.Check your
Oak Member My Page for open calls, too.

Get points by completing work
*Once you accept the offer, we will conclude a subcontracting contract.
You will earn points depending on the work.
*Oak Pro is only open to Oakhouse residents.

Oak Blogger

Write blog posts on the blog about your share house life !!

1. Each entry must be at least 400
words and contain at least 1 picture.

2. Bloggers must write at least 4 posts per month.

3. Please do not post them all in a
row or all in one day.

As remuneration for writing blog posts as
an Oak Blogger, write at least 4 posts
per month and get 2,000 points

*Oak Bloggers are limited to Oakhouse residents only.

Social App

Provide services, teach lessons, or lead workshops geared toward fellow Oakhouse share house residents! You can even charge a fee for your Social App, and keep all the proceeds!
For example... yoga, dance lesson, nail art, massage, cooking class, hair styling, English lesson, etc.

1. Hold Social App events
2. Write Social App blog reports (at least 1 per month)
3. Each activity report blog must be at least 400
words and include at least 1 picture.
4. Please do not post them all in a row or all in one day.

Earn 1,000 points for each Social App report! (You can earn over than 1,000 points per month)

*Social App sponsors are limited to Oakhouse residents only.

Use your earned points!

Use your earned points!

You can use your points when moving in to Oakhouse to lower initial costs or put them toward monthly rent.
▶You can apply to use your points from the Oak Member My Page.
▶Points usage applied for by the 15th of the current month will be applied to the following month's rent.
▶Points valid for 1 year.
▶Points can be used in units of 1,000.
*Points will be used from oldest earned.

Oak Worker feedback

  • Oak Agent

    I help friends of other residents
    find an Oakhouse to live in.
    It's great to get deals just
    by helping connect people!

  • Oak Pro

    Yusuke Horibe
    I started doing photo
    manipulation as a hobby, and I also
    play shamisen at events. It's a great
    way to start a conversation.

  • Oak Blogger

    Aki Masuda
    I can write a blog and
    earn points whenever
    I have a little bit of
    down time!

  • Social App

      Watanabe Hiroko
      Nail artist
    Meet new residents get to know
    each other while getting
    your nails done
    It's great to make friends so fast!

Click here!

Sign up here

You can sign up for whatever you are eligible for!
Earn points the way you like!

*Separate registration is required for Oak Agent, Oak Pro, Oak Blogger, and Social App Sponsor.
*Not all houses apply.
*Individual Agents Points exchanged into cash fall under the "miscellaneous income" category,
so there may be cases where it is necessary to claim it on your income tax return.

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