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Renting an apartment in Japan can have a lot of initial costs. There can be things like key money, gift money, agency fees, and more, meaning you might have to pay for several months of rent up front, before you even move in! Then, you’ll have to buy furniture, appliances, set up water, gas, electricity, and internet services. You might feel like you’re not actually living in your new place until everything is in order. So if you’re only staying for a short time, it can be way too expensive, and take too much time.

That’s why rental apartments managed by Oakhouse Co., Ltd in Tokyo have low initial costs and low monthly rent.
You can stay from just 1 month, and the rooms are furnished just like normal apartments, with furniture, appliances, a kitchen, shower, and bathroom. Plus utilities like electricity, gas, and water are already all in place, and there is free Internet!

Oakhouse apartments typically have a bed, desk, chair, refrigerator, microwave, air conditioner, rice cooker, lighting, storage, washing machine, and other furnishings. The exact items may be different depending on the house, so please contact us for details.

If you are looking for privacy, Oakhouse apartments could be the right choice for you. Initial costs are low, just like share houses, and you can have your own simple, private apartment in Tokyo for cheap.

What fees are there for Oakhouse apartments? Get great savings with this simple rental style.

All you need to start living in an Oakhouse apartment is rent, maintenance fee, and a one-time only contract fee. That’s it!

Oakhouse Apartments

  • Key money, gift money, agency fees: ¥0
  • +
  • Internet fee: ¥0
  • +
  • contract fee: 1st time only

You can keep your initial costs as well as your monthly costs low.

What makes Oakhouse apartments different from regular apartments?

Oakhouse apartments have lower initial costs and a smooth and easy move-in process.

  • Key money, gift money, agency fees: ¥0
  • No guarantor necessary
  • Fully furnished
  • One-time-only contract fee
  • Internet fee: ¥0
  • Can transfer between share houses
  • Can stay from 1 month

Even foreigners can begin staying in the room as soon as the next day. You can apply and pay on-line by credit card even while you are still in your home country. The apartment is fully furnished, with electricity, gas, water, and internet all set up, so you can walk in and begin living right away even if you only have one bag! Oakhouse apartments are cheaper and easier to use than “monthly mansions”.

Easier to use than monthly mansions

With low costs, you can stay only for the time you need

There are many cases where you may be called upon to make a sudden overseas business trip to Japan or Tokyo and then make use of “monthly mansions”, but there are also cases where high initial costs and rent for these short stays can cause a bottleneck. With Oakhouse apartments, there are no extra fees for corporate use, and you can stay from 1 month.

  • No extra fees for corporate use
  • +
  • Can stay from 1 month
  • +
  • Multilingual support from our staff

If you think that a share house isn’t right for you, or you want to keep initial and monthly rent costs low, or if you want a fully-furnished apartment in Tokyo or just need a cheap place now, Oakhouse apartments could be right for you!

Furnished with the furniture and appliances you need, with no extra fees like key money and no guarantor necessary, Oakhouse apartments are a convenient rental style great for both foreigners visiting Tokyo and Japanese people alike!

Japanese people who go overseas for some time and then come back to Japan also may need a place to stay for awhile in Tokyo while getting things in order, or they may have a job that sends them around to various places, which makes Oakhouse apartments an easy choice.

Oakhouse apartments, alongside share houses, are available for foreigners visiting Japan as well as Japanese people making their way in the world.