2024/07/27 Japanese Culture Experience~Let's make Edo-style wind chime!~ (Participation closed)

Have you ever heard of "Edo-style wind chimes"?
wind chimes are small bells or bells that make a sound when the wind blows.
They are often hung from the eaves of houses or by windows, and are a popular summer tradition in Japan.
Edo-style wind chimes are made of glass and produced using techniques handed down from the Edo period.
Molten glass is attached to the tip of a special rod, and the glass is formed by blowing it into the air and puffing it up without using a mold.

This time, visitors can experience making Edo-style wind-bells by blowing glass to form the wind-bells themselves, and then painting on the glass.
Even first-timers will be accompanied by an instructor so that they can work with ease.
OAKAHOUSE staff will provide interpretation in English and Chinese on the day.
Why don't you enjoy summer by making wind chimes by hand this year?
If you are interested, please join us!

[Event Summary]
⬛︎Date & Time: Saturday, 7/27, 14:00-16:00
⬛︎meeting place: 14:00 Kojima 2-chome Children's Amusement Park, meet
⬛︎map: https://maps.app.goo.gl/BSPzkRMxQWi7EDK89
*Because the area in front of the store where the experience will take place is narrow, we will gather at the park once and then move together.
⬛︎place to experience: Shinohara Maruyoshi wind chimes

⬛︎Participation fee: 2,700 yen (includes glass blowing + painting experience)
*This is a provisional registration at the time of registration from the application.
Please pay the fee in advance. Participation will be confirmed after payment.
Please make payment from this URL.
*If you wish to cancel your participation in the event, please contact us by 12:00 PM on Friday, 7/19, so that we can report the number of participants to the class. Refunds may be difficult to obtain if you contact us after that time.

⬛︎ Capacity of 10 people
⬛︎ Notes
・Glass blowing involves working near a hot kiln, so there is a possibility of burns if you expose your skin. Please bring something to wear during the experience.
・The painting experience location will also have guests outside of the OAKHOUSE group.
・Please gather and work in one space as much as possible.
The event may be photographed and posted on the official OAKHOUSE website and social networking sites. Please understand this in advance.

How to apply:
Please register via the OAKHOUSE App.
The application is also available for those who do not currently live in OAKHOUSE!

Step1. Download the app
App: https://www.oakhouse.jp/eng/app

Open the app and login with the email address and password you registered as an OAK HOUSE member.
Click here to register as a new OAKHOUSE member:

Step3. Select "Let's make Edo-style wind chime!" from "Events" in the app → Click "attend" button to complete your reservation!

Event date 2024/07/27 (Participation closed)
Time 14:00-16:00
Houses Shinohara Maruyoshi wind chime
Fee ¥2,700
Organizer oak takemoto
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