Foro Eifukucho Pottery Workshop


2019/03/23 Foro Eifukucho Pottery Workshop

FORO Eifukucho is holding another fun pottery workshop!
Make a cup, dish, or anything you like. A professional will be on hand to help, so beginners are welcome!
*The 2nd workshop scheduled for May is when you will paint the ceramics, but if you are unable to attend, the professional can color it for you. Then you just need to come pick it up!

★Date: 2019.3.23(Sat.)
★Time: 14:00~16:00
★Place: FORO Eifukucho pottery workshop

Event date 2019/03/23
Time 14:00
Houses FORO Eifukucho
Fee ¥1,500
Sponsor profile

Oakhouse Co., Ltd.