【As planned】★☆★Summer Camp 2019★☆★






2019/08/17 【As planned】★☆★Summer Camp 2019★☆★

The event will go on today as planned.

Hello from Oakhouse.
We will also be doing a Summer Camp event this year!

The Oakhouse Summer Camp was a big hit both last year and the year before.
You can also bring friends who aren't Oakhouse residents!
This event will surely be one of the best memories of the summer, so let's get together and have fun!

Summer Camp
Date and time: Saturday August 17 2019 8:00am~3:30pm
Place: Kamanofuchi Park, Tokyo, Ome city, Oyanacho 1392 
Access: JR Ome line, Ome station; 13 minute walk, plus 4 minutes once you cross bridge within the park
Closest bus station: Oyana

Attendance fee:
1,000 yen (1000 yen flat fee regardless of what time you come)
This fee will help cover prizes (see below), facilities, and accident insurance.

Oakhouse will provide:
BBQ grill, charcoal, lighter fluid, BBQ plates, chopsticks, paper cups, air pump, cotton gloves, tarp, blue sheet.

Meeting time
We will start preparing from 8 am.
The preparation time is a nice way to get to know people before the event starts, so we hope you can come help set up!
Attendees from last year said time flew by really fast, so we hope you will join us in having tons of fun!
Please note there will be photo/video during the event for PR purposes.

Please bring your own BBQ ingredients like meat and veggies.
Because it is difficult to gauge how many people will attend on the day we unfortunately cannot provide the food, so please bring your own.

You can buy food at stores near the station if you would like to purchase them before you come.
There is a convenience store, greengrocer, fish store, and butcher (Tokyo, Ome-shi, Honcho 160 in the shopping street near the station.
Greengrocer and fish shop open at 9
Butcher opens at 8

From 11 am we will play games to win good food prizes!
*Late attendees will not be able to play.
We will have bingo, watermelon smashing, and more! Last year the prize was a big sashimi set!

Please bring your own drinks. There is a convenience store near the station, and vending machines in the park. There is a liquor store about 5 minutes away.

Liquor store:
Tokyo, Ome-shi, Oyanacho 1469 Nakajima store

Please bring a swimsuit if you would like to play in the river.
Oakhouse will provide some water goods like floating rings etc.
There are only a few available so feel free to bring your own if you like.
Please also bring a change of clothes and a towel.

This year the river is said to have stronger currents than last year, so please take precaution. We may ask people to leave if they are doing something unsafe.

We would like to ask all attendees for help cleaning up after the event.

Attendance deadline: August 13th, by 5 pm
Please apply by the deadline so we can make preparations and purchase group insurance.
If you are not able to RSVP by the deadline please consult with your house manager.

Cancellation in case of rain, etc
We will make a judgment call by around 5 AM on August 17th regarding weather.
Please make sure to check the My Page on the morning of the event.
In case of rain we will have a party at Social Residence Haijima.
See here:
Social Residence Haijima

↓↓↓How to apply↓↓↓
Apply from the Oakhouse web site
Or, email us at info@oakhouse.jp

↓↓↓2017 Summer Camp video↓↓↓

2016 Summer Camp video

Event date 2019/08/17
Time 8:00
Houses Kamanofuchi Park
Fee ¥1,000
Sponsor profile

Oakhouse Co., Ltd.