Garden Town Totsuka [Final Edition]





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[Final edition]

Finished! Recommended house slightly removed from old-capital Kamakura!

Garden Town Totsuka is finally complete. Mr. Fukui, the manager, will introduce his favorite points!

Interior designed by designer architects!

Fully renovated!
The interior has been fully renovated, with a spacious and bright lounge. The shared lounge is almost 60 square meters! There is a rest space with a big TV and sofa, as well as a free space with dining table that can also be used for study or work.

Rest space

Free space

What kind of a place is Totsuka?

9 minutes to Yokohama!
You can get to Garden Town Totsuka from Yokohama on the JR Tokaido line in 9 minutes, or go to Totsuka station on the Blue line, and it is only a 10 minute walk. It is surrounded by green and is near a parking lot. There are 45 rooms. Walk 5 minutes to get to the shopping mall Apita where you can get all your groceries, clothes, and other things you need. And it is reasonably priced! Around the station is the city hall and library and other convenient shops.

Garden Town Totsuka

Shopping mall Apita

Share house? Mansion? Apartment?

Find the room best for you!
There are 3 types of rooms. One is a south-facing room with a balcony with 13 square meters, and a room with a balcony that is 10 square meters, a decent size. The rooms are furnished and you can arrange to your liking.

Large room (model room)

Blue accents

Shared spaces for 3!

Kitchen! Shower! Toilet!
First, the kitchen. Since the house was originally geared toward families, the kitchen is bigger than you might find at a regular share house! It also has a microwave oven. Next, the shower room. There is a changing room just out front of it for your privacy. 3rd, the toilet. It has been recently renovated and has a washlet.

Spacious kitchen!

Shower room with changing area.

Kamakura and Shonan

To Kamakura in 15 minutes!
You can get to Kamakura on 1 train in just 15 minutes, and from there access to Enoshima or Yuigahama within 30 minutes. Enjoy shopping at stylish shops on the weekend, or go to the beach at Enoshima in the summer. This area is the setting of the popular basketball-themed manga Slam Dunk. You can also take the Shonan monorail and wander around old capital Kamakura. It's a great area to explore!

Hydrangeas in Kamakura

Enoshima and Mt. Fuji


Q. Is there car or bike parking? How much is it?
If you have a car, you can rent a space for 5,000 yen per month. Bicycle/scooter parking is free, but for bikes over 51cc there is a charge of 2,100 yen.

Q. Is there cycle parking at the station?
There is a public parking area near the station. Normal parking is 100 yen per time, though the price changes whether you park under a roof or not.

Bicycle parking near Totsuka station

The manager, Mr. Fukui

A word from the manager

We're waiting for your inquiries!
I am manager at several share houses, and I think the best part about Garden Town Totsuka is how easy it is get to the Yokohama area for school, work, or the weekends. It's heaven for the surfers at Shonan, and there are also places you can go SCUBA diving. The house has a big garden, and it's really fun to have a barbecue out there. Just like the name implies, there is lots of green around the house. I hope you will come check it out!