Social Residence Tama Plaza [Renewal]








Social Residence Tama Plaza - Renewal!

To a comfortable and creative space!

Lounge renewed in February 2017!
We've renovated the lounge in Social Residence Tama Plaza! Whether you'll just be by yourself or with a group of friends, whether you want to focus and concentrate or just have fun communicating, we've created a comfortable cafe space for our residents. There is a huge whiteboard on one of the walls to facilitate even more and better communication. Come experience a new social space!

Cafe perfect for studying, work, or relaxing.

Spaces for reading or studying, where you can relax by yourself. With power outlets too.

The Lounge.

Stay here as long as you like.

Record player.

Library with a carefully curated selection.

A calming cafe experience.

Diverse ways to enjoy the space.

A space where you can enjoy dining or lounging with your housemates.

You can all watch TV together.

Connected rooms.

It's easy to have big events at the big dining table.

Fully-equipped kitchen!

Hear what the reform designer has to say about the new space

The lounge is the central social feature of the house
The lounge is most often used by large groups of people, but I thought it would be nice to also have a space where you could relax by yourself as well. I wanted to renew the lounge as a place you look forward to visiting. There are a lot of foreigners who live here as well, and I hope it will be a great place to foster communication!

Share ideas, events, or anything else!

International Ehomaki party!