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Hasunuma station is on the Tokyu Ikegami line, very crowded going into the city during rush hour. Nearby are Tokyo Jitsugyo High School and Hasunuma Onsen. Average Oakhouse share house rent is 46,857 yen, lower than other areas along the same line. It is a relaxed area. The next station over is Kamata, and you could even walk there in around 10 minutes, giving you easy access to a large terminal station that can take you anywhere else you need to go.

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Station overview

Hasunuma is in Ota ward in Tokyo along the Tokyu Ikegami line. From here trains go toward either Kamata, or Gotanda. Average daily ridership is 8,000, the very lowest along the Ikegami line. Bus line coverage is good, with routes going to Shinagawa, Oimachi, Rokugodate, Den-en-chofu, and other stations, meaning that you have a lot of options other than just trains. Next-door Kamata station gives you access to JR lines as well. You can walk there within 10 minutes. The station is right next to a quiet residential neighborhood.

Places to see

Hasunuma Onsen is just a 2-minute walk from the station. It is a famous hot spring in Ota ward, with a nice Taisho pre-war design motif. Fureai Hasunuma is a community center with a gymnasium (reservations required). It is run by a local NPO and often used by locals.


Hasunuma is in a quiet residential neighborhood so you can expect a relaxed lifestyle. There is just one supermarket near the station. One of the best merits is how easy it is to walk to JR Kamata station, which has all the shopping, eating, and leisure you could need. From Kamata station you can take the Keihin Tohoku and Tokaido lines, making it a convenient home base for commuting to work or school. Different from Hasunuma, Kamata is lively at night, meaning you can find places that fit your lifestyle easily. The Tama river flows nearby and it can be nice to take a stroll along the banks.