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Hiyoshi station is on the Tokyu Toyoko and Meguro lines, and the Yokohama Subway. It is very crowded during rush hour. Nearby are Keio University and AppleYTC. Average Oakhouse share house rent is 63,778, higher than nearby areas, but it is a bedroom town with good access to Shibuya and Yokohama, and a convenient local area.


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Share House Average ¥50,969
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Station overview

Hiyoshi is in Kohoku ward in Yokohama city, on the Tokyu Toyoko and Meguro lines as well as the Yokohama Subway. The Toyoko line can take you to Yokohama or Shibuya stations easily, while the station serves as the first stop on both the Meguro and Yokohama subway lines, giving one access toward Meguro or Nakayama in Kanagawa. This gives you a very wide range of travel options. Average daily ridership on the Tokyu lines is 150,000, and 80,000 for the Yokohama subway. There are plans to connect this line to the Sagami line in 2022. It is a very old station, opened alongside the Tokyu railway company itself. It is mostly famous for being near Keio University, but thanks to its good access it has become a more popular bedroom town. Five shopping streets fan out from the west exit--Hiyoshi Chuo dori, Sun Road, Ginza dori, Futsubu dori, and Main Road. There you will find many places to eat and drink, as well as ramen shops beloved by students.

Places to see

Hiyoshi station is a growing and lively bedroom town with access into the city. Right outside the east exit is Keio University. Some areas of its campus are open to the public, and it is a popular spot to come see fall colors, particularly gingko. There is also a public cafe and cheap restaurant on campus.


Hiyoshi is very much a college town, so it is lively at all times of the day. There are a lot of places to eat open late. Hiyoshi Tokyu Avenue is a shopping building connected to the station, with food, various goods, electronics, and more. You will be surprised at what they have on the food floor. In the shopping area out the west exit you will find drug stores, fast food, cafes, book stores, 100 yen shops, and many more conveniences. Along the main roads are supermarkets and a Don Quixote bargain store. You can get to Shibuya and Yokohama without having to transfer, so this is a great home base.

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