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Kita KoganeStation

Kita-Kogane station is on the JR East Joban line. It is busy during rush hour as one would expect, but there are several stations along the way at which people make transfers, so you may be able to find a seat. Nearby are temples like Hondoji and Tozenji. Average Oakhouse share house rent is 45,051 yen, around the same average for other areas in Chiba prefecture. Near the station are convenience stores, supermarkets, and an Aeon Mall so you should be able to buy everything you need. Plus, you can get directly to Otemachi and Harajuku as well as other Tokyo metropolitan areas without having to transfer.


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Station overview

Kita-Kogane is in Kogane in Matsudo city in Chiba prefecture. It is a Joban station line run by JR East. Some people make transfers to the Musashino line at Shin-Matsudo station, so if you are lucky you may be able to find a seat. Since the Joban line goes through on the Tokyo Metro Chiyoda line, you are able to get directly to Otemachi, Akasaka, and other areas in the city. There are also some trains that go through on the Odakyu line. It takes 40 minutes to get to Otemachi, but people may get off at major stations along the way so again you might be able to find a seat. There are convenient bus services when you need to head north or south. Though the station area is not super well-developed, there are enough conveniences in the form of conbini and supermarkets to get by, plus an Aeon store. You can find bigger shopping centers at nearby stations like Kashiwa or Shin-Misato on the Tsukuba Express line.

Places to see

Kita-Kogane is an old area, with many temples and shrines. Hondoji and Tozenji in particular are well-known for their beautiful hydrangeas and sakura trees. The hydrangeas bloom in June. The south side of the station was home to an old rest stop in the Edo period, and is full of all sorts of different kinds of buildings. As a bit of trivia, the drugstore chain Matsumoto Kiyoshi was started here in Kita-Kogane. The company was founded by Kiyoshi Matsumoto, who was a Matsudo city councilor and then mayor.


Kita-Kogane station does not have ideal access into the city. It takes 40 minutes to get to Otemachi, and over an hour to get to Shinjuku or Shibuya. The area demographics tend to skew older, or families. That said, that makes rent prices around here fairly reasonable. There is a large supermarket and smaller ones, as well as convenience stores and a medium-sized Aeon store, so you should be able to find most everything you need. However it might be best to head to nearby areas for leisure, such as Kashiwa and Shin-Misato, where there are larger shopping centers.

Stations around Kita Kogane

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