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Kugahara station is on the Tokyu Ikegami line. From here you can get to Gotanda station on the JR Yamanote line in 17 minutes. Plus, Ota ward is quite a safe area of Tokyo. Average Oakhouse share house rent is 66,385 yen, which is higher compared to other nearby averages, but there is a supermarket near the station open until midnight, as well as other places to shop on your way home. The shopping street extending from the station retains a nostalgic Japanese downtown atmosphere. Ota ward is known for its livability, and much care has gone into easing traffic congestion and making quiet neighborhoods good for families to raise children.


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Station overview

Kugahara is in the west of Tokyo's Ota ward, along the Tokyu Ikegami line. It is part of the Kugahara plateau, which is part of the Musashino plateau. You can get to Kamata station direct in 8 minutes, or to Gotanda in 17, which is good for commuters. The name "Kugahara" can be found from the early Edo period. Average daily ridership at the station is 16,516.

Places to see

Kugahara has lower rent prices and a nice living environment. Near the station are supermarkets, greengrocers, fishmongers, drugstores, and other conveniences, as well as an old-style shopping street. There are also many local events. One place of interest nearby is the Showa Era Lifestyle Museum, which shows typical lifestyles in the post-war Showa era, particularly around 1951.


Though Kugahara is right next to the luxury area of Den-en-Chofu, rent prices are more reasonable, whether you're a single person or a family. The shopping street Lilac-dori extends from the station, and there are all sorts of shops that can make you feel at home. There are restaurants, cafes, sweets, flowers, books, banks, and more. There is also a hot springs bath in front of the station. It's a great way to relax after coming home from the bustle of the city. A large supermarket near the station is open until late at night. You can also reach some areas of nature, like the Tama river side, within walking distance.

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