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Musashi NittaStation

Musashi Nitta station is on the Tokyu Tama line, and while crowded during rush hour, you can tend to find a seat at other times.
Nearby are the Musashi Nitta shopping street, and Nitta Shrine.
Average Oakhouse share house rent is 64,714 yen as of June 2019, around the same for other areas in the same area.
It is just 2 stops from Kamata station, which gives you access to Shinagawa, Ueno, and other areas of Tokyo. From Tamagawa station you can change to the Tokyu Toyoko and Meguro lines, giving you even more coverage. The Tama riverside is within walking distance, and there are many relaxed residential neighborhoods.


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Station overview

Musashi Nitta station is in Ota ward in Tokyo, along the Tokyu Tamagawa line. It opened in 1923, and takes its name from the nearby Nitta Shrine. Trains from platform 1 head toward Kamata, while platform 2 trains go toward the Tamagawa area. Both platforms are in different areas so you need to be aware when entering the station. Average daily ridership is 27,000, which is not that high for a station in the 23 Tokyo wards, and it feels somewhat like a countryside local station.

Places to see

Near Musashi Nitta station are the Musashi Nitta shopping street, and Nitta Shrine.
The Musashi Nitta shopping street spreads out from the former Kamakura street, with around 170 shops and stalls, ranging from daily goods, cafes, restaurants, izakaya, pre-packaged meals, clothing, dry cleaning, salons, and pretty much everything you need. It is divided up until 4 distinct zones, which hints at its large scale.
Nitta Shrine is dedicated to Nitta Yoshioki, a samurai from the medieval period 660 years ago, and is often visited by locals as it has a deep connection to the area.


Musashi Nitta station has the large Musashi Nitta shopping street, so you can conveniently find all sorts of things you will need day to day. Outside the shopping street you can find safe and quiet residential neighborhoods. By taking the Keihin Tohoku line from Kamata station you can get to business areas like Shinagawa and Tokyo, or take the Meguro or Toyoko line from Tamagawa station to get to Meguro and Shibuya, or other areas in Tokyo. You can also easily walk to the Tama river area to find a spot of nature rare in the 23 Tokyo wards, and enjoy a relaxing lifestyle.

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