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Social Residence Ichigao NORTH

Oak Explorers

Social Residence Ichigao North opened in February 2018 !

Mock-up of the completed shared space. Social Residence Ichigao North is a large house with 80 rooms.

Social Residence Ichigao North opened in February 2018.
There are 4 room types. The house has a large bath as well as a stone sauna. That's all well and good, but what about the town of Ichigao itself? The Oak Explorers took a look around and made this report!
*This will be the same information for the house linked below, another share house in Ichigao, Social Residence Ichigao West.

Little-known station on the Den-en-toshi line, with the Oak Explorers!

The closest station is Ichigao station on the Tokyu Den-en-toshi line. The station is close to various municipal offices for Aoba ward, as well as near many areas of greenery. Enjoy a convenient lifestyle in a relaxing house. Today, the Yokohama staff joined up as Oak Explorers and took us around Ichigao!

Popular Den-en-toshi line!

The Tokyu Den-en-toshi line is a really popular line that people want to live near. It connects Shibuya to Chuo Rinkan, and serves Sangenjaya, Futako Tamagawa, Tama Plaza, and many other popular stations. Ichigao station has many shops you will need everyday, and is surrounded by housing and green areas. It's a great place to live for convenience and a relaxing lifestyle. Plus it only takes 30 minutes to get to Shibuya from Ichigao! Great for commutes.

Wide open sky above Ichigao station

Oak Explorers, setting off

Everything you need daily

The Ichigao station building is near a supermarket, cafe, restaurants, bank, post office, drugstore, 100-yen shop, and more. You can get everything you need right on your way home. Right beside the station is a gym, so you can get your workout right after getting to your home station. There are also many convenience stores along the way home, and you'll be able to go shopping anytime.

City hall near your home station!

Large sports gym near the station

Yokohama city, Aoba ward office

Yokohama city, Aoba ward, Ichigao-cho 31-4


Popular bun shop

We recommend this shop! It's a "koppe", or bun shop opened in December 2016, called Koppen Dot. The main shop is in Kikonai, along the Hokkaido shinkansen, and this is the first shop in the Kanto region. There is always a long line here! Today, the Oak Explorers came here to buy fresh baked bread for a picnic. They have many varieties and toppings too. We were excited to have them for breakfast, lunch, dinner, snack, dessert... we wanted to try them all! We recommend the shio-pan salt bread, which is the most popular in the Hokkaido shop.

Red sign

You can see samples here

Eating samples while we wait

Packed with toppings

Koppen Dot

Kanagawa, Yokohama city, Aoba ward, Ichigao-cho 1054-1

Picnic in the park

With fresh bread in hand, we went to the park. It was such a nice day and we had a hard time deciding which park to go to, because there are so many around Ichigao. They're great spots to come with your friends or by yourself for a picnic, a walk, or whatever!

Oak Explorers, running out of breath as we run around the park!

Haven't been down a slide in how many years...?

We eventually decided on this park, Ichigaocho Park. It's on top of a hill, with spacious grass spaces and picnic tables. There are hiking paths you can take too. We thought it would be fun to come play badminton here. There are lots of cherry trees here and they will probably look very pretty very soon. Of course you can probably enjoy this park all year!

Koppe picnic

Having fun like kids


Kanagawa, Yokohama city, Aoba ward, Ichigaocho 1069

Find your favorite spot♡

There are also plenty of nice hidden cafes and restaurants in Ichigao. You could probably find a new secret favorite spot every day. We found a really good hamburger place somewhere around the city. The restaurant wouldn't allow us to share their name or address, but you should try to find it for yourself! :)

Gotta take snaps of food for Insta :-P

Avocado burger

Lovely sweets

Hamburgers and meats too!

We hope you liked our Oak Explorer report on Ichigao.
Ichigao is along the Den-en-toshi line, so it's sure to have lots of green spaces, convenience, and cafes and restaurants. It's rare to see an open sky this beautiful in central Tokyo. And you can get to Shibuya in just 30 minutes. The people are friendly, the area is relaxed, and Ichigao is just a nice place to live!
We've created the Ichigao houses just for you, so we hope you like them and the town itself!
We're waiting for your applications!

Chillin' with a bronze sax guy

Parks and rivers too

Family portrait

♫It's fun to live in...A - O - B - A !♪