Social Residence Ichigao NORTH [Final Edition]


Social Residence Ichigao NORTH

Final Edition

Social Residence Ichigao North, now open!

Social Residence Ichigao North is now open in Yokohama! Just a 9-minute walk from Ichigao station on the Tokyu Den-en-toshi line, and you can get to Shibuya within 30 minutes. There are 5 types of rooms, and 80 rooms total, with a shared lounge, large Japanese-style bath, study area, and stone spa! Enjoy the balance between your private space and shared space in this Social Residence.

Relax on the 1st floor

Just past the entrance, you will come across the study and library space.
This space was created with the image of a park in the middle of the city in mind. You can have a nice closed-off study desk area, in a pleasant area decorated with plants and specially-made curtains. The library space has tatami mats, so you can feel free to lie down to read or study.

A simple iron welcoming sign

Entrance, with visible post boxes

The blue study room past the entrance

Specially-made curtains naturally create study spaces

3 study desks

The library space has tatami mats

Shower, sofa, and stone bed

Powder lounge
Beside the entrance are 5 shower booths, 2 sinks, and a stone sauna room. There is also a large Japanese bath, but rest assured there are showers too!

5 showers!

Spacious shower booths

Comfortable sofas by the powder space

A stone sauna in the back of the powder space

Stone sauna room
This stone spa has a stone bed like you might find at a luxury hotel. Lie on the warmed natural stone for a relaxing and warming time. It's more comfortable than a regular sauna for a more natural way to wash the tiredness of work away.

Warm and relaxing light colors.

Lie on the stone bed.

Relax in the large bath

Large bath
The large bath is the kind you might see at your local neighborhood sento. Unfortunately, there aren't any sento in Ichigao... except here at SR Ichigao North!
This way you can experience the relaxation of a traditional Japanese bath without leaving the house!

Ichigao North Japanese bath (men and women time on different days)

The full Japanese bath experience

A terrace-like lounge

Lounge, dining room, and kitchen
This 1st-floor lounge faces south, so it gets great sunlight. It's designed as sort of a half-terrace. Enjoy eating in the dining room, or having a drink or snacks while watching TV.
This space can also fit many people for events.

Natural wood furniture and more

Relaxing sofas

Dining room

The kitchen space has 1 standard system kitchen and 3 compact system kitchens. Plus, the kitchen area is outfitted with all the utensils and tools you need for all the cooking you'll want to do!

Natural wood kitchen

All the appliances you need!

Pretty dishes

Spice racks for each room

Smoking space

Smoking space has a vending machine outside too

There is a smoking space past the kitchen, which you can use without bothering other residents. It kind of looks like a modern museum, doesn't it?

5 room types

Private rooms
The private rooms are on the 2nd through 5th floors, and there are 5 types. Below we will go through each type.

A type

There are 38 A-type rooms. They have a desk, chair, semi-double bed, and refrigerator.
These are rooms 1 through 10 on each floor.

Simple furniture set. You can store things under the bed too.

Closet area by the door. You can store lots of stuff here!

B type
There are 24 B type rooms. They have a desk, chair, semi-double bed, and refrigerator. Also, on the 5th floor only, instead of a desk and chair there is a low table set.
These are rooms 15 through 20 on each floor.

Open type closet

Semi-double bed

C type
There are 8 C type rooms. They have shelves on the wall. These are rooms 13 and 14 on each floor.

Wall shelves!

Can store lots of stuff

D type
There are 6 D type rooms. They have a low table, sofa, semi-double bed, and refrigerator.
They are rooms 11 and 12 on floors 1 through 4.

Lounge chair

Shelving and closet

E type
There are 2 E type rooms. They are very similar to the C type rooms, but without the closet. This is a good room if you want more shelves.
These are rooms 511 and 512.

Wall shelves!

Shelves by the door too!

Double type
There are 2 double type rooms. They have a low table, sofa set, semi-double bed, and refrigerator. There is plentiful storage space too, so it is good for 2 people.
These are rooms 303 and 503.

Each room also has a clothes-drying rack, which is good when you want to dry clothes or store more things.

2-person room

Lots of storage

Access from the house

Direct to Shibuya in 30 minutes!
From the closest station, Ichigao, you can get to Tama Plaza in 6 minutes, Mizonoguchi in 15, Futako Tamagawa in 18, and Shibuya in 30! The Den-en-toshi line also runs through service on the Tokyo Metro Hanzomon line, for even more access to other places in Tokyo.
Plus, you can get to the Yokohama area as well-- to Yokohama station in 30 minutes.