Shinjuku Kawadacho Garden

Final Edition

Live short-term in a Tokyo metropolitan tower apartment.

A tower apartment with a great view of Shinjuku

Have you heard of Kawadacho Garden? It's a 4-building, 41-floor, 704-room high-class tower apartment in Akebonobashi in Shinjuku ward in Tokyo. This was the headquarters of Fuji TV station until 1997. That's why it boasts quite a large area for a Tokyo property. It's one of the most high-class houses Oakhouse has, both in terms of rooms and shared spaces. The closest station is Toei Shinjuku line Akebonobashi station, and it's just a 5-minute walk from the station via the Akebonobashi bridge. You can also get to Oedo line Wakamatsu-Kawadacho station in 7 minutes. The next station over is Shinjuku-Sanchome, so there's great access to Shinjuku. If you've ever wanted to live in a high-rise in Tokyo, Kawadacho Garden is your best bet!

41 floors, 704 rooms

Shared space

A high-class mood greets you right from the entrance

The high-class feeling starts right away once you pass the autolock door into the entrance into the great hall. There are sofas for waiting visitors, almost like a hotel. This could be where your friends wait for you if they come visit!

White elevator hall

Post delivery boxes so you can easily get your packages

Taking a look at room 1802

The interphone has a camera for security.

Room entrance

A big door and classy tiling greets you as you enter the room. You can store 10 pairs of shoes or more in the shoe storage!

1K room (43.13㎡)

This apartment room is 1K type, over 40㎡. It has a dining table, 2-person sofa, and double-size bed in a spacious area.

There's a kitchen space as well

3 gas burners and big sink

It's nice that the kitchen space is separated from the sleeping area. In this 3-burner kitchen you'll have plenty of room to cook all sorts of things. There is actually a Santoku Kawada supermarket on the premises, open from 9:30 am to 11:00 pm, making it easier to shop and cook.

Large walk-in closet

Another great point is the big walk-in closet. This is plenty of room for 2 persons, and you won't have to think too hard about where to put everything.

The view from room 1802

The view from the balcony is superb, and not something you'll get with almost any other living space!

Area around the house

Akebonobashi-dori street

The road from Toei Shinjuku line Akebonobashi station to Kawadacho Garden will take you through the Abebonobashi-dori shopping street. Here you can find all sorts of things, from food, daily goods, chain restaurants and cafes, drug stores, and more. There is also a Santoku Kawada supermarket on the same premises as the house, so it's a highly convenient area.

Restaurant with red lantern

You can see the Kawadacho Garden building from the road

Lots of food to eat along the way

Turn right in front of the flower shop to head to Kawadacho Garden

Editor's notes

So what do you think of Kawadacho Garden? From the building itself, the shared space, and the rooms to the area around Akebonobashi station, we think there's a lot to like. There is also a small police station nearby, making it a safe area. There are also a couple of hospitals in the area, just in case.

It has great access to Shinjuku station, and from there you can get just about anywhere. In this way Kawadacho Garden is a convenient place to be if you need to get anywhere in Tokyo in shorter times.

There are 2 rooms available for us to show, so we hope to receive your applications soon!

Remnants of the old Fuji TV location