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Houses in Shinjuku - Takadanobaba - Nakano - Koenji

25 houses with 306rooms in Shinjuku - Takadanobaba - Nakano - Koenji

▼Shinjuku / Takadanobaba / Nakano / Koenji areas
Here we will talk about Shinjuku and surrounding areas.

▼Area around Shinjuku station
Shinjuku station is among the largest of Japanese business, shopping, and pleasure centers, and boasts the highest traffic to and from its station.
On the east side of the station are large department and electronics stores, and past Yasukuni-dori street is the Kabukicho area. On the west side are skyscrapers and business centers. Surrounding the station also are many places to eat and drink. On the south side are many apparel and variety stores, and the area has a fresh-feeling atmosphere. This all makes Shinjuku a very diverse place.

▼Area around Takadanobaba station
Takadanobaba station itself is quite small, but it nonetheless is on the Yamanote, Tozai, and Seibu Shinjuku lines, making it perfect for making transfers to other destinations, so it is used by many people.
The area is near Waseda University, so it has a sort of college town feel. There are mahjong parlors, book stores, video game arcades, and more spots. There are cheap places to eat and drink, and though it may seem disorderly, it is a vibrant area.

▼Area around Nakano station
Though Akihabara may be more famous to foreigners, Nakano holds its own as a center for young geek culture.
From the north of the station extends Nakano Broadway and Nakano Sun Plaza. There you can see live events and explore the busy town. Nakano Broadway is a cramped shopping mall with manga stores and other places catering to otaku, stocking antique toys, yoyos, dolls, board games, idol goods, and other deep cuts. There is a university nearby so there are always many young people.

▼Area around Koenji
Koenji is right next to Nakano, so it has great access to Shinjuku. It’s an easy and inexpensive place to live, and popular for being so. It has plenty of places to shop too, and many students live here.
From the 1980s, manga artists have made Koenji their home. There are manga cafes where you can read manga, or even draw your own.

Rental market price in Shinjuku - Takadanobaba - Nakano - Koenji

Share House

Average ¥59,876


Average ¥94,375

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