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Kichijoji station is on the JR Chuo rapid and Sobu local lines, as well as the Keio Inokashira line. It is very busy during rush hour on the JR part, but is the 1st stop on the Inokashira line so you will tend to be able to get a seat. Nearby are Atre Kichijoji shopping center and the Kichijoji Art Museum. Average Oakhouse share house rent is 60,000 yen, comparatively higher than the average in the same area, but it is consistently voted as among the top most desirable places to live in Tokyo. It is easy to get into inner Tokyo, and there are a wide variety of places to shop, from big stores to small shops.

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Station overview

Kichijoji station is on the JR and Keio lines: the Chuo rapid/Chuo Sobu local, and Inokashira lines, respectively. Kichijoji is quite popular, and every day the JR line serves 142,000 people, while the Keio portion sees 71,000, for a combined total of over 200,000. The station began in 1899, was elevated in 1969; a rotary was developed in 1987 and in 2009 the station was remodeled. As the town grew more popular, the surrounding area was developed to keep up. And since it is the first stop on the Inokashira line, it is easy to ride even during peak times.

Places to see

There are many things near Kichijoji station, from large shopping malls to temples, shrines, and schools. There is the Atre Kichijoji mall, and the Kichijoji Art Museum. The Atre mall has 2 separate buildings, with 3 floors each. Here you can find everything from groceries, fashion, daily goods and books, to cafes and restaurants. The Kichijoji Art Museum is just a 3-minute walk from the station, and you can see many examples of beautiful artworks. They also hold events and workshops, and there is a museum shop. Entrance is 100 yen for the regular exhibit, 300 yen for special exhibits, and 100 yen for middle- and high-school students.


The area around Kichijoji station is very popular, and is often featured in news segments and tops polls for desirability. With large shopping centers and plenty of supermarkets you will have no trouble doing your daily shopping. There are also several drugstores and 100 yen shops. There is a shopping street, a Don Quixote discount shop, and lots of restaurants, making for a very convenient area outside the 23 Tokyo wards. You can get to Shinjuku and Shibuya without having to transfer between 10 and 20 minutes, and can also get to Tokyo or Ikebukuro station within 30, making it ideal for commuters to work or school. There is also a large park near the station.