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2 houses with 11rooms in
Horikiri ShobuenStation

Horikiri Shobuen station is on the Keisei main line. It is busy during rush hour but you can usually find a seat at other times of the day.
Nearby are the Horikiri Iris Garden, and 6 shopping streets.
Average Oakhouse share house rent is 48,000 yen, around the same for nearby areas.
There are lots of shopping streets so you should easily be able to find everything you need daily. It may be a bit more removed from the city center than most popular living spaces, but it is a very convenient hidden gem.


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Horikiri Shobuen is in the Horikiri area in Katsushika ward in Tokyo, and is on the Keisei main line. It is a local stop only, but it is just 10 minutes to Nippori station, from which you can transfer to the Yamanote line. It is also just 14 minutes to Keisei Ueno station, which is then close to Ueno station, which is a very convenient station for travel.
It is busy during rush hour, but tends to be less crowded during other parts of the day. The Keisei Town Bus can take you to Asakusa, Kameari, Shin-Koiwa, or Ayase. There are also 6 shopping streets in the area, each with their own unique atmosphere. There are many products made in factories in the town as well, such as margarine and other food products.

Horikiri Shobuen is home to many small factories, and still retains a nostalgic downtown feeling. The station takes its name from the iris garden along the Ayase river, which has over 200 varieties of irises. The best time to see them is June.
The Katsushika Horikiri festival is celebrated over a wide area, and has parades, song shows, bazaars, and more. This is a great place to experience the differences in each season of the year.
Recently this is an area known for its many ramen shops.


There is only local service on trains from Horikiri Shobuen station on the Keisei main line. However, you can get to Nippori station in just 10 minutes and then change to the Yamanote line. Again, it is busy during rush hour but less so during other times of the day so you can get a seat. There are several small factories in the area and it has a Japanese downtown nostalgia to it. There are 6 unique shopping streets with lots to buy, see, and discover, something you won't find at a big shopping mall. One thing of note; many of the restaurants in the area are run locally so they may close earlier than you may be used to. There are not many leisure centers but if you want to find a local area where you can put down roots this may be a great place you.

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