Social Residence Narita [Final Edition]







Final Edition

The cheapest, biggest, and greatest Social Residence!

The gorgeous Social Residence Narita!

Social Residence Narita had its grand opening in beautifully green Yachiyo city, Chiba! It's a 13-minute walk from Katsutadai station on either the Keisei main line or Toyo Rapid railway, for easy access into the city within 1 hour, or direct to Nippori or Otemachi within 45 minutes! This high-scale share house has a large bath, theater room, studio, gym and sports court, and even a Japanese-style tatami room! It's almost like a resort hotel!

Enjoy breakfest in bed, the lounge, or on the terrace

What's your favorite part?
First, there's the great design! Take a look at the roomy lounge. We've carefully selected Italian-made furniture and really liked these cute chairs. The space feels warm with the wood design. The lounge also has a projector, perfect for getting the house together and watching the big game! You could even enjoy your breakfast on the outdoor terrace. There's a BBQ set, perfect for summer grilling!

Spacious and carefully-designed lounge

Sunny lounge

Summer barbecue!

Exercise in the fitness gym or sports court!

The only indoor sports court in Oakhouse!
Typical gyms can be far from home and have high monthly costs. But at Social Residence Narita, we have an indoor gym! There are running machines, weights, balance balls, and yoga mats. In the indoor sports court you can play basketball, badminton, volleyball, table tennis, and more. Work up a sweat from the comfort of your home!

Fun to train with people you know!

Sports court with a high ceiling

Take a refreshing bath at the end of the day

Gorgeous jacuzzi
Relax and feel refreshed in our large bath--feels great especially after working up a sweat in the gym! Plus, you'll probably get a great night's sleep afterward. The mens and womens bath schedule changes weekly, but even on off-weeks you can use a shower.

Nice jacuzzi!

Fully equipped with popular facilities!

Enjoy movies or music!
We also have here the more popular Oakhouse facilities: the theater room and music studio. Enjoy a home movie theater, or jam in the studio. This is the perfect way to practice without worrying about the neighbors! Who knows, you might even form a house band...?

Just like a theater

With a drum set and amp

Rooms a spacious 13.5㎡!

Wash basin in the room
And of course, the most important thing is your room, right? The image most people might have of a share house is a small room with no storage space, but at Social Residence Narita, you have 13.5㎡ and a bed, desk, refrigerator, and wash basin. Having a wash basin in the private sharehouse room is quite a rarity. Plus, there's plenty of storage space.

Private room

Wash basin in the room

Plentiful storage space

The house manager answers your questions! FAQ

Q: What can you tell us about the area?
There are 3 convenience stores in the area, and a supermarket within a 5-minute walk. There is housing and schools so the area is safe. Yachiyo city puts priority on green spaces so it's nice to walk around and see lots of trees.

Q: What kind of people live here?
We actually have lots of residents who work either in the city or at Narita airport. It's about 50/50 men to women, in their 20s, 30s, and 40s. About half are foreigners, so it's a fun international atmosphere at Social Residence Narita!

Q: Is it easy to get into the city?
From Katsutadai station, on the Toyo Rapid line, you can get to Otemachi in 45 minutes. It's the first station on the line so you'll most likely be able to grab a seat. You can get to Nippori station direct on the Keisei main line in 45 minutes too, and it's just 36 minutes to Narita airport, which is nice if you want to travel a lot!

Manager's recommendations

Social Residence Narita is packed with fun and useful facilities, and is a great place to live and make new connections and find new hobbies. We hope you will come find a great new life at SR Narita! You can come see the room if you still haven't made a decision, so we're waiting for your application!

Social Residence Narita Opening Party!