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Share Houses in Toyo KatsutadaiStation

1 houses with 172rooms in Toyo KatsutadaiStation

Toyo Katsutadai station is on the Toyo Rapid line, and the first/last stop. It is busy during commuting times, you can still find a seat if you choose the right train car. Also, you can also choose to take the Keisei main line via Katsutadai station. Nearby are Mizuki-dori shopping street and the Kurosawa Pond Forest.
Average Oakhouse share house rent is 35,000 yen, which is very reasonable.
Not only are there supermarkets and drugstores, there are also many places to eat and drink that have been here for a long time. And though it is rather removed from the city center, you can easily get into the city without having to transfer.

Nearby stations

Nishi FunabashiStation Share Houses in Nishi FunabashiStation

Share Leaf Nishi-Funabashi Gracenote

Share Leaf Nishi-Funabashi Gracenote

TokyoMetro-Tozai line / Nishi Funabashi 11minutes

Move in conditions: Female Male Foreigner

Rooms for 2 or more available

  • Bicycle parking

¥21,000 - ¥84,000

Release of emergency order- Pay no contract fee, & get monthly discount!


This house has a great music studio! Plus there is a……

Foreigner Japanese
10~29 30~49 Over 50

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Average ¥37,186


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Station overview

Katsutadai station is in Yachiyo city in Chiba prefecture, along the Toyo Rapid line. It is next to Katsutadai station on the Keisei line. It is the first/last station on the Toyo line, so if you play your cards right you can find a seat. From Nishi-Funabashi there is thru service on the Tokyo Metro Tozai line so you can get into the city without having to transfer. You can get to Otemachi in as fast as 45 minutes. That said, the train fee is slightly higher than other lines. From Toyo Katsutadai to Nishi Funabashi is 630 yen, and a monthly pass will cost 26,400 yen. Toyo Katsutadai and Keisei Katsutadai are connected via a concourse. There is a north and south exit, but the south exit has more shops.

Places to see

The area to the north of Toyo Katsutadai station used to be an inlet. Many archaeological finds have been made in this area, including kofun mound tombs, evidence of iron-smelting, and a Yayoi-era settlement. Many stone monuments and shrines were established under the old Sakura han in the Edo period. There is still a kofun tumulus and many shrines, temples and stone monuments under cultural protection.


The Toyo Katsutadai station area is expanding, centered on the Katsutadai and Murakami danchi, into a residential area. It is becoming a bedroom community, and there is a large home supply center and many discount shops and supermarkets. Outside the south exit there is Mizuki-dori shopping street, which is bustling every day. There are also supermarkets, drugstores, and other places to eat and drink. A free bus goes from the station to nearby Fululu Garden shopping mall, with clothing, interior, and electronics. It is great for daily shopping, but for other leisure activities it would be ideal to have access to a car, with which you would be able to head out to explore all the nature Chiba has to offer in Tateyama or Sotobo.