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260 rooms in all! Introducing the biggest share house in Japan!

A chance to meet many different kinds of people! 260 rooms! The largest share house in Japan

Just a 4-minute walk from Keikyu line Zoshiki station with great access to the rest of the city, Social Residence Kamata is the biggest share house in Japan, with 260 rooms. There is already plenty to like about this big house and its well-equipped facilities, but what's great about this place is more than just the building itself.

With its convenient access to the central city, this 260-room is always about 95% full, with residents who commute into the city to their various kinds of careers and jobs. The house is very social with lots of friends, and you can meet all sorts of interesting people.
Meet new people and start a new life at this great share house!

A bright, spacious open lounge

Relax in a bright and spacious lounge!
Past the entrance you will find the bright and spacious lounge, with an 80-inch TV, perfect for getting together to watch Olympics, world cup soccer games, and more. Events such as Halloween or Christmas parties are held here, and for big events it can easily hold over a hundred people!

Lots of people can hang out on the sofa

Residents gather here to eat and drink together

A cafe-style space

Ice machine!

Free massage chair

Whether you're here to study or meet people
We recommend share houses whether you want to make new friends, or go to events, or stay by yourself in your room, or drink, or cook, or learn new skills... anything! Everyone gets along so well that there is at least 1 resident-organized event per month. Among our residents are several great cooks, or people who know drinks well, so it's always fun to eat and drink. Plus, we have seen over 20 couples meet and get married through living at this house! All sorts of people are waiting to meet you!

Welcoming entrance

The entrance hall is also a nice place to hang out

Snacks and drink machines

Either a big restaurant-like kitchen, or a home-style kitchen. Choose for your own convenience.

By the lounge is the big kitchen, with a washer, healsio microwave oven, mixer, non-fryer, Chinese wok, pressure cooker, and all sorts of other cooking utensils, as well as an IH stove and gas range. Spend enough time with some of our residents who are good cooks and you may pick up some good cooking tricks and recipes!

The big kitchen by the lounge

Lockable food stockers in the back of the kitchen

Washer nozzle

Lots of rice cookers and other appliances!

If you just want to cook quickly...
Let's say you've just come home from a long day of school or work, and you want to just whip up something quick. Or it's too much of a hassle to head to the 1st floor kitchen. Luckily there is a smaller kitchen on each floor! Everything you'll need for basic cooking is all lined up so you can cook for any situation or occassion.

Kitchen on each floor

Plentiful shared spaces you can only find in a share house. So many things to enjoy!

Have fun in the play room!
The play room has table tennis, darts, and more. Lots of opportunities for fun with friends!

Have fun with friends in the play room!

Score board! How do you hold the paddle?

How do you count the darts score again...?

A gym and yoga room!
Monthly gym fees and contracts are a huge hassle, and they're far from home or the station, or you don't have enough time... Luckily, at this house there is a gym you can use any time. And for free!
One of our residents recently was licensed as a yoga instructor and they teach a yoga class sometimes. This is a great way to stay in shape without leaving the house.

Work up a sweat in the comfort of home

Pump it up!

Yoga mats and balance balls

120-inch display and 5.1ch surround sound--a movie theater in your own home
Enjoy the feel of a movie theater right at home, with a sofa and chairs. This is agreat way to watch movies with friends or by yourself.
Whether you have a film you want to recommend, or just want to watch something with someone, or you're a movie buff or not, this is great way to discover new movies and new things to talk about.

Theater room

A soundproof rehearsal studio
Musicians in our house love our music studio, where you can use it for 24 hours for 3000 yen. Even musicians familiar with studios are surprised at our Gretsch drum set, Fender guitar amp, and Carvin bass amp. The small studio has a soundproof booth so you can practice instruments or singing!

Plenty of equipment in the studio

Smaller studio

A study room for more serious times
In this modern world there is a diverse range of working and life styles. Many people even work remotely, so it's important to have a place to work or study distraction-free. That's why we have a study room.

Make copies and drink coffee

Private booths for more concentration

Snack machine by the study room

Of course, this is a place where people live, so there are lots of conveniences for your home lifestyle!

So we've seen all the great shared facilities, but don't forget this is a place where people live!
We're proud of the house's large bath, which you can use any time outside cleaning time. Sento public bath is a great Japanese tradition, and important in the winter. There are of course shower rooms as well, and laundry room with washers dryers and sinks.

Relax in the large bath

Cleaning 6 days a week
With 260 rooms, plentiful shared facilities, and lots of opportunities to meet people, you may worry about cleanliness, but that's why cleaning staff takes care of the shared spaces 6 days a week.
It's easier to live, relax, and enjoy a clean space!

Large clothes dryers

Plenty of sinks

Clean washing machines

Chic smoking room

Total ¥80,000~83,000 including condo/utility fee, fully furnished with storage

In the private rooms, there are many variations, from wallpaper to furniture. All rooms have a balcony, air conditioner, storage, desk, bed and chair. Share houses are the best choice if you are trying to keep initial moving costs down. Among people who look around various share houses, there are a lot of people who immediately decide on Social Residence Kamata as soon as they see it. We hope you'll come see for yourself!

Private room example 1

Private room example 1

Private room example 2

Private room example 2

There was something I had been wondering for awhile, so this time I asked the manager straight out.
"Are there a lot of cases where people meet their romantic partner here?" I asked. And they answered, "Of course!" I mentioned it previously, but there have been over 20 couples that met and got married here.

Meeting people can have a profound effect on your life, not just when it comes to who you marry, but your work, your hobbies and interests and more. You may meet people with interests you would never have imagined, and start new hobbies or find new jobs through them.
So maybe the best part about Social Residence Kamata is the fact that you can meet so many different kinds of people with different careers and interests in the same big place. I don't think it's an exaggeration to say that living here can expand your horizons and opportunities.

(Photos & words / YOSHINORI OHGA)

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