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Hoshikawa station is on the Sagami line, busy with commuters going to work or school during rush hour. Nearby are the Hodogaya ward office and Hogogaya fire station. Average Oakhouse share house rent is 53,000 yen, around the same for nearby areas. Near the station are the ward office, supermarkets, and home supply store. It is just 5 minutes to Yokohama station.


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Station overview

Hoshikawa station is in Yokohama city, in Hodogaya, along the Sagami line. It opened in 1927, and got its current name in 1933. Various reformations were made in 1969, 1999, and 2017. Average daily ridership is 29,444. It is just 7 minutes to Yokohama on the local service or 4 on the express. The area has seen a lot of recent re-development, with a lot of Hodogaya's municipal services in the area.

Places to see

20 minutes' walk from Hoshikawa station south exit is Hodogaya Park, with many grounds on which to enjoy soccer, rugby, softball, tennis, gym spots, baseball, and more. There are beautiful sakura and ginkgo trees within, as well as a nice plum tree garden. There is a cultural center, Kanagawa Art Hall, on the grounds as well. Here you can come listen to the orchestra or philharmonic, and other activities.


Near Hoshikawa station are supermarkets, home goods stores, and electronics. There are also local municipal services at the Hodogaya ward office, as well as the police station, post office, and other major services. The highway runs along the north side of the station, and there are lots of places to eat along that way. Other than the highway, everywhere else close by is a quiet residential neighborhood. Thanks to police presence at the station, this is a safe area. It is just 4 minutes to terminal station Yokohama, and 16 to Sinagawa, and 27 to Shibuya, so this is a great place from which to commute.

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