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Inaricho station is on the Tokyo Metro Ginza line, busy during rush hour commutes and on weekends due to travelers. Nearby you can find Eishoji temple and Shitaya shrine.
Average share house rent around this area is 51,000 yen, slightly lower than other average rents along the same line. This station is within walking distance of Ueno station, which is a big plus. It has a nice old downtown atmosphere and is comfortable to live.


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Station overview

Inaricho station lies in Taito ward in Tokyo, along the Tokyo Metro Ginza line. It opened in 1927 and has seen many modern improvements in recent years. The station has an accessible toilet and an elevator. As of 2017, this station sees 17,294 riders per day, a 3,000 person increase over 10 years. The next station is Ueno so it is easy to change to other trains.

Places to see

There are many temples and shrines around Inaricho station. In particular, Eishoji temple and Shitaya shrine are popular spots. Eishoji ws established in 1558. One of the kami enshrined in Shitaya shrine is Yamato Takeru, and the shrine was established in the year 730, well over a thousand years ago. Every year in May there is a huge festival. They also hold many other festivals throughout the year. The area otherwise has a relaxed Japanese downtown style that has a refined sense of history.


There are several convenient shops within walking distance of Inaricho station, from supermarkets to drugstores and 100-yen shops. The west side of the station is toward Ueno so within walking distance you can also get to department stores. There are also many places to eat and drink, and the area is safe. It is slightly relaxed compared to Asakusa and Ueno. By train you can get to Ueno in just 1 minute, and from there easily change trains to get to Tokyo, Shinjuku, Ikebukuro, Shinagawa. You can get to Shibuya or Yokohama in around 30 minutes. It is a popular place for businesspeople to live, as the commute is not that bad. With a bicycle you could ride around all over and see the myriad temples and shrines the area has to offer.

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