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Mitakadai station is on the Keio Inokashira line, usually crowded during peak commute times.
Nearby the station are the Ghibli museum and the old Harmonica Yokocho street.
Average Oakhouse share house rent is 68,000, slightly higher than other Oakhouse houses in the area, but it is very close to the convenient Kichijoji.
It is also safe and quiet, for a relaxed lifestyle.


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Station overview

Mitakadai station is in Tokyo's Mitaka city on the Keio Inokashira line. The station opened in 1933, and today serves around 23,000 riders per day. It is a small station, but more and more people use this station every year. There are elevators connecting to the platform, gate, and exit on the north. There is a bathroom on the platform headed to Kichijoji, which is wheelchair-accessible.

Places to see

There are not that many spots to see around Mitakadai station, though if you take a walk you can get to the Ghibli museum and Harmonica Yokocho.
The Mitaka Ghibli Museum has rotating displays depending on the season. You can see limited animated shorts and learn more about Ghibli animation, as well as visit a cafe with a Ghibli-inspired menu. You can also buy Ghibli souvenirs.
Harmonica Yokocho is a shopping street with around 100 shops, with a very distinct old-time feeling. It feels different during the day than at night, and you can enjoy many ways to eat and drink. It is a crucial part of the neighborhood. You can eat in of course or take out and enjoy eating on your stroll.


The area around Mitakadai station is very safe, which makes it popular with single people and families alike.
There is only 1 supermarket next to the station but it is open until 11:45 at night. There are drugstores near both exits. Other than that there are not that many shops, but it is a quiet residential area. There is also the Mitakadai medical center near the station for your health needs.
Trains to Kichijoji are just 2 minutes, or you could walk in 20 minutes. You can get everything you need for daily life around Mitakadai station, then head to Kichijoji for everything else.

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