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Shibasaki TaiikukanStation

Shibasaki-Taiikukan station is a station on the Tama Monorail, serving commuters and students heading into the city. It is busy at peak times, but otherwise you can usually find a seat. Near the station are Tachikawa Park and Suwa Shrine. Average Oakhouse rent prices are 80,000, comparatively higher than Oakhouse apartments elsewhere in the area, but there is easy access to the station and a different Tokyo experience than usual; a relaxing lifestyle surrounded by nature.


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Station overview

Shibasaki-Taiikukan station is on the Tama Monorail, in Tachikawa city, Tokyo. Though the monorail has comparatively fewer riders than most other lines, this is increasing ever year. Every day this station serves around 2,000 people. Platform 1 heads to Tachikawa-Kita (JR Tachikawa station), and 2 heads toward Takahatafudo and Tama Center. The station opened in 2000, 2 years after the monorail itself. When it first opened, it only ran between Kamikitadai and Tachikawa-kita. Later it was extended to Tama Center, through Shibasaki-Taiikukan. It lies roughly in the middle of the 19 stations, but is slightly closer to JR Tachikawa station. There are many residential areas around.

Things to see

Near Shibasaki-Taiikukan station you can find Tachikawa Park. Just a 1-minute walk from the station, this large park has a gymnasium, baseball diamond, track field, and more, providing respite for nearby residents. A short walk from the station you can find Suwa Shrine, which has beautiful gingko trees in the fall. It has a 1,200 year history. Every August there is a festival at the shrine. Rare among shrines, there is a sumo ring here that has been here since the Edo period.


Shibasaki-Taiikukan is in an area surrounded by nature, with trails, and to the south flows the Tama river. There are many bus stations, and some supermarkets. There is a library with a modern design, which is a good place to spend a quiet day. Many people head into Tachikawa on weekends or on their way back home for shopping, eating, or drinking. Though Shibasaki-Taiikukan station itself does not transfer to any other line, on other stations along the monorail you can change to the Keio, JR, Odakyu, etc. lines for access to other places. If you would like to live in Tokyo, but away from the excitement, this is a good choice.