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Shimo station is in Kita ward, along the Tokyo Metro Namboku line. It has the 2nd-lowest daily ridership among Tokyo Metro stations, so it is not too bad outside of rush hour traffic. Nearby are the Kita ward Genki Plaza, and the Akabane Gym. Average Oakhouse share house rent is 56,000 yen, slightly lower than other areas along the same line.
If you walk a little ways you can find the convenient Aeon Akabane mall, as well as the local community heated pool, making this an easy place to live for Kita-ward residents.

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Station overview

Shimo station opened in 1991, and was privatized in 2004. The next station over is Akabane-Iwabuchi station, the last stop, which has through service on the Saitama Rapid Railway Line to Urawa Misono station. Going the other direction, the Namboku line heads to Meguro station, which connects through to the Tokyu Meguro line. There are safety doors installed along the platform, and elevators and escalators also connect to the gates. Average daily ridership is 12,000, the 2nd-lowest among the 130 Tokyo Metro stations, which means it's not terribly crowded on the platform.

Places to see

The large chimney visible from near Shimo station is part of the Kita Incineration Plant. It's a high-tech facility, and you'd be surprised that it is not smoky or smelly at all. Even if you walk nearby it, it's so quiet you might wonder if it's even working at all! The heat from the plant helps warm the community pool at the Kita ward Genki Plaza. Continue 700 meters from the station along the main road to find the Aeon Akabane store, a convenient place for shopping. More toward Akabane station you can find a Daiei and Aeon food store so you can cover all your grocery needs.
The are also has several parks, like Shimocho Park, Kita Undo park, Kamiya park, and more. The Akabane Gym is also part of Genki Plaza, should you wish to find a place to work out.


That said, there are not many sightseeing spots near Shimo station. But that's what helps make it a quiet place to live. Even then, there are some large supermarkets like Aeon and Daiei that are helpful for daily life. There is also an electronics store in the Aeon store, and a 24-hour Lawson convenience store outside exit 1 of Shimo station. Also right outside the station is a Jonathan's family restaurant.
If you'd like to use the community pool (heated by the extra energy from the Incineration plant), it's just 500 yen for 2 hours for an adult, quite reasonable. There are several pools to choose from, even one for children. It has a large capacity, at 392, and is bustling in the summer months.