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Toda station is on the JR Saikyo line, and quite crowded during rush hour.
Nearby are Warabi Shrine and Warabijoshi Park.
Average Oakhouse share house rent is 62,000 yen, higher than nearby areas, but it is a relaxing area. There are supermarkets and drug stores near the station for easy daily shopping.


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Share House Average ¥68,050
Apartment Average ¥121,500

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Station overview

Toda station is in Toda city in Saitama, on the JR Saikyo line, and a local stop only. The station was re-christened in 1985 from a former station. Trains head toward either Ikebukuro and Shinjuku, or Omiya and Kawagoe. Average daily ridership is 20,000. 3 bus lines can be used from Toda station, and there is also a free bus to Aeon Mall Kita-Toda.

Places to see

Within walking distance from Toda station are Warabi Shrine and Warabijoshi Park, as well as many other places to be among nature. Warabi Shrine was built in the Muromachi period, and has many small sights to see. It has festivals on February 3rd, June 30th, October 15th, and December 17th. It also has several important cultural treasures.
Warabijoshi Park is actually in neighboring Warabi city, and is of historical significance. It is a popular place to have a picnic, and a quiet spot to spend time among the trees and greenery.


Toda station is very close to Tokyo, so it is a convenient bedroom town. Though it is only on the Saikyo line, you still have direct access to Ikebukuro, Shinjuku, and Shibuya. Plus it is easy to get to Omiya station, if you want to head out to other adventures to the north. There are several affordable supermarkets near the station, and drug stores and 100 yen stores. There are also places to buy electronics, or eat and drink. You will most likely be able to get everything you need daily. True, it would be even more convenient if you owned a car, but the Saikyo line is convenient enough for living in the area.

Stations around Toda(Saitama)

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